Medical Fundraising: Okeyo Recovery from Spinal injuries


Medical Fundraising: Okeyo Recovery from Spinal injuries

Medical Fundraising: Okeyo Recovery from Spinal injuriesWe need your help! Two weeks ago while driving home from a hard day’s work, single mom Allisen Okeyo her 7 year old son, Jadon Okeyo and his grandmother (Allisen’s mother), Alice Okeyo were struck by another vehicle in a horrible accident that claimed Allisen’s life.  The Okeyos are left reeling as we mourn the loss of our beloved daughter and sister in this tragic accident. Dr Allisen Nyego Okeyo was a recent PhD graduate and brilliant scientist who dreamed of improving the lives of rural African communities through her research in water treatment and sanitation. She loved food, fashion and had a contagious hearty laugh that would warm anyone’s heart. Most of all she loved her son Jadon whom she affectionately called “my little baller”.

As a single mom, Allisen worked hard and sacrificed a lot to provide for her son Jadon and was optimistic that her PhD would open new and exciting doors for her and her son. Unfortunately, it would never come to pass when her life was cut short at just 38 years old.  Although Allisen’s mother Alice and her son Jadon survived the accident, they were critically injured in the accident and are still hospitalised.

The cost of health care for Alice Okeyo and little Jadon is very large. But to ensure that they receive the best health care, we are apealing and trusting for the support and generosity of others. With your help, we may be able to raise enough to aid the recovery of mama Okeyo and little Jadon.

We are apealing for donations to aid with hospital stays, surgeries, physiotherapy and rehabilitation for Jadon and Alice Okeyo’s spinal and abdominal injuries. We understand that it is a long road to recovery ahead and your contribution will help us, the Okeyos,  to rebuild our family in the best way we can, following this tragedy.

We hope you will help with whatever amount you see fit to help the Okeyo family and especially little 7-year old Jadon. We pray that with your support he may be able to heal and walk again.

Thank you and God bless.

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Medical Fundraising: Okeyo Recovery from Spinal injuries

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