Raila Junior differs with NASA statement on VAT


Raila Odinga Junior on Tuesday differed with NASA’s stand on fuel tax, terming their statement as ‘unconvincing.’

Through his Twitter account, Odinga Jr stated that the conditions put up by NASA will not close the deficit on debt.

“Unfortunately as a Kenyan citizen, I am unconvinced by the statement put out by NASA on the VAT on Fuel, none of the conditions they’ve put up are measurable and even if they were they are nowhere near closing the deficit on the debt.

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“I call for my MP @okothkenneth to reject,” he wrote.

On Tuesday, leaders allied to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) supported the proposal by President Uhuru Kenyatta to slash VAT on petroleum products from 16 to 8 per cent.

Speaking after a parliamentary group meeting at Orange House, Nairobi, National Assembly Minority whip Junet Mohammed said the opposition will support the President’s stand for only one year.

“We feel the need to address the suffering of the people while also ensuring development is delivered.

“If the government makes genuine effort to implement these proposals, we will sit down and negotiate an extension of our support for another year if that will still be necessary,” said Mohammed.

The lawmakers also urged the government to live within its means and stop wastage of public funds.

“Currently every Cabinet Secretary and State officials are driven in fuel guzzlers complete with chase cars and it’s not sustainable.

“This is not in tune with the country’s economic situation,” the NASA statement read by Junet said.


Source The Standard Newspaper

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