Photos of MP Moses Kuria with Maribe in court stir up emotions online

Photos of MP Moses Kuria with Maribe in court stir up emotions online It is common for friends and trusted individuals to abandon one during times of trouble thus the popular saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

As arrests and prosecutions rained and poured for TV journalist Jacque Maribe and fiancee Joseph Irungu following the killing of Monica Kimani, many of her friends were missing and only her father Mwangi Maribe, rumoured ex-lover Dennis Itumbi and family stood with her.

Gatundu South MP Mose Kuria poses for a photo with TV anchor Jacque maribe during bail application hearing session in court. Photo: Moses Kuria/Facebook. Source: Facebook

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria however, did not want to waste an opportunity to show solidarity with Maribe an established political reporter who covered most Jubilee rallies ahead of 2017 General Election where she first met Irungu as stated in her affidavit.

The MP posed for during a bail application hearing on Wednesday, October 17 before she was sent back to remand for seven days and Kenyans could not shelve their opinions over the move, some criticising it while others lauding him for standing with a friend.

Gatundu South MP and TV news anchor Jacque Maribe. Photo: Moses Kuria/Facebook. Source: Facebook

Some Kenyans expressed concern that the case was being infiltrated with political undertones which would impede administration of justice.

Some Kenyans alleged Kuria’s closeness with Maribe in the court room was a threat to the course of justice.

By Michael Ollinga Oruko


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