Service To Humanity & Leadership to Humanity is a humble calling


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It was extremely  humbling  to be  Recognised for *Service To Humanity and Leadership to Humanity* & to be awarded as *African Business Personality Award 2018 By Voice Achievers Netherlands* Asante Sana
This Award is not My Award but it’s  an Optiven team Award.
The Award goes to all those who support Optiven  Group  Vision of Economically and Socially empowering and transforming the Society.
 We dedicate  this award to God who has given us  Immence  favour as we support & make our society a better place.
This Award  gives us great  impetus to do more to the people we  serve;  the thousands  of orphans  we support to access Medical  care, food, provision of accommodation & Education   to hundreds  of deserving cases across the 47 counties in Kenya.
The Award is a door opener to do more in Africa  in terms of achieving the well being of African people,  job creation  & shelter provision  to the people of Africa.
This Award is a big blessing  to our massive diaspora clients who we empower to acquire properties in Africa & Diaspora builds  African Now. The Award is a big win to All diaspora who believe & support the Optiven Group vision –
We thank all those who in one way or another support the Optiven Group Vision.
To The VOICE GROUP as you *reinvent the Future of Africa now*, we shall walk the journey together. We are extremely humbled  & ready to keep empowering others.
By George Wachiuri
George Wachiuri, The Africa Business Personality Award winner 2018.

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