Raila Odinga Angers Kenyans After Trip to Immigration Department for Passport

  • Raila Odinga Angers Kenyans After Trip to Immigration Department for PassportMany Kenyans were not impressed by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s trip to the Immigration Department.

    On Thursday, Raila announced on social media that he had travelled with his family to the immigration department for the new passport recommended by the state.

    He further encouraged Kenyans to acquire the document ahead of the August 31 deadline.

    “This morning The Odinga troop took a trip to Nyayo House (Immigration department) office to apply for Kenya’s new ePassport. No society has ever developed as an island, we must travel, trade, exchange ideas and learn from each other in order to grow,” posted the AU Envoy.

    Raila and troop who visited the immigration department

    However, many Kenyans were really not impressed with the trip accusing the department of favouritism during the delivery of the service.

    Many users especially wanted to know if Raila had undergone the tussle that most people endure while trying to get the document.

    “I know yours will be out in few hours and delivered to you. Did you meet a long queue outside there or you entered via the VIP wing,” posted @amakanjiThomas.

    “If you get yours before mine which I applied in May (I) will take it as a miracle that will involve a lawsuit,” posted another user.

    “Hope they didn’t ask for your parents’ ID cards,” posed another user.

    Below are more reactions from Twitter users.


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