Cash crunched Nyandarua County splashes Sh4.3m on golden mace

Cash crunched Nyandarua County splashes Sh4.3m on golden mace: As county governments experience a cash crunch that has caused delays in paying workers their July salaries over reduced allocations from the National Treasury, the county assembly of Nyandarua has splashed Sh4.3 million for an 18 carat gold plated Mace.

A Mace, is staff of office, especially that which lies on the table at the National Assembly, Senate and county assemblies when the Speaker is the chair. It is regarded as a symbol of the authority in the house.

Tuesday, ward representatives at the county assembly commissioned the golden and brass Mace to replace a wooden one that was supplied by the defunct Transition Authority at the advent of devolved system of government.

At the event that was described as historical by ward representatives, Speaker Ndegwa Wahome -quoting Standing Order No. 3, he said the Mace embodies the authority of the speaker.

“Today, I’m deeply privileged and honoured to be presenting the second Mace of the County Assembly to the House,” Mr Wahome said.The glittering Mace is made using a base material of brass and finished in 18-carat gold plating, it has a height of 120 cm, has two stands that is the upper and lower stands and weighs 7.5 kilograms.

The design of the Mace and its decorations were derived from the geographical and environmental features of the County of Nyandarua. It has five facets which represent the five sub counties of Nyandarua namely; Ndaragwa, Ol Joro Orok, Kipipiri, Kinangop and Ol Kalou.

The National Coat of Arms is engraved on one facet and the County Government of Nyandarua Coat of Arms is engraved on the other facet.

There is an engraving of a Hippopotamus head, the Aberdare ranges and a motif of a green potato plant on the other three facets. There are also engravings two lions on the top part of the Mace design symbolizing strength and authority of the County Assembly.

Maces are symbols of authority in many parliaments throughout the world. They are ornamental and often highly decorated. The Mace enhances the richness of parliamentary tradition, and, symbolizes the authority of the Legislature in which it is displayed and utilised.

By James Munyeki

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