Kenyan Diaspora Karen Gitau to vie for Council Seat in Kennesaw GA


Kenyan Diaspora Karen Gitau to vie for Council Seat in Kennesaw GA: It takes great courage, determination, and confidence to decide to vie for a public post BUT when one has a devotion and determination to make things happen, to take the initiative and accept responsibilities to serve people, then we have an outright true leader.

Karen Gitau who is Vying for a City Council seat in Kennesaw possesses all that and more so, she is no new to Community participation.

She was a nominee during the 6th Annual Cobb County Community Service Awards hosted by Commissioner Bob Weatherford .

The annual awards is a ceremony that celebrates individuals and organizations that promotes and improves the welfare of people within Cobb County.

Karen through Global Media Outreach assist  people to find comfort in Christianity and those in situations such as abusive marriage, suicidal thoughts; controlled substance abuse, depression, homelessness, and alcoholism.

She also has worked as a Sunday school teacher and has been a voluntary worker for kids with Special Needs.

Through her business, she has over the years been donating free supplies to Goodwill and Salvation Army stores in Kennesaw.

Karen has written a book about helping and that alone, can crown that, this lady is a true philanthropist and such are the true leaders needed most to improve the welfare of many Americans.

The good news is that, If this lady get the post in the council, she will certainly open a path for other Kenyans who have political ambitions to serve the community they reside in to follow.

The only way we can show our love is to support this ambitious young lady by coming out like safari ants and cast a vote for her (if eligible) as she truly deserve to continue serving the community in another capacity.

Leaders inspire others to dream more, to become better, and we are positive that Karen will do exactly that as she gets ready to scratch the glass ceiling.

We still need many more Kenyans with courage like her to vie for even higher positions so that our future generations can follow the same path and as immigrants known for achieving great feats, many will certainly leave their names permanently engraved in the corridors of time.

Let us embrace this deserving cause by encouraging Karen to continue pursuing her dreams of serving the community she loves wholeheartedly. IT WILL BE WELL.

Advance voting from Oct 28th  to November 1st  at  Ben Robertson Community Center

VOTE ON NOV. 5th 2019


Who is Karen Gitau?…. Her-story

FALL 2019 I am a mother to a wonderful, intelligent and ever so happy boy, KJ and an overactive puppy, Shane. My background is Accounting and Finance with 9 years working with two Fortune 500 Companies; Accenture and Deloitte in Atlanta, Georgia.

One of my accomplishments during my tenure with Deloitte, where I worked as Project Controller, was mobilizing my department to donate monthly to an initiative that I had initially started with some close Kenyan friends in Atlanta.

The initiative was to annually identify 5 families in Kenya who were hardworking but could barely make ends meet. The goal was to provide full monthly financial support while the families worked and saved their hard-earned money and within a year, the money they saved would enable them start a business or advance their careers.

The following year, we would then identify another 5 families to support. My tenure with Deloitte ended in 2013 when I resigned in order to concentrate on my next goal. My prayer and focus since giving birth to KJ was that, as soon as he turned 5 (kindergarten age), I would be self-employed to ensure that I had the flexibility to be involved in my son’s school, Kennesaw Charter Science and Math Academy.

This was also the time when I started getting heavily involved in the community and accomplished the following:

1. I became a member of the Kennesaw Citizen’s Advisory Committee where I served for 2 years.

2. I volunteered – and continue doing the same to date – every Sunday as a Kindergarten Sunday School Lead teacher with Mt. Paran Church in Atlanta. Seven years and counting!! My son, is following in my footsteps and is officially my assistant teacher. He is such an asset to my class because the kids understand his interpretation of the Bible stories vs mine, because according to them, I am old school and boring. He has made such a positive impact, especially towards the boys who look up to him as a big brother as they ask their countless questions.

3. My book entitled “The kid, the single mum and the crazy community” was actually written during a time in my life when I was suffering from depression. I was encouraged by my then psychologist to identify my happy place. It turned out that by writing down funny observations as KJ and I went about our business in the city, changed my life.

I went from spending lots of time focusing on what was not working in my life to realizing that I was KAREN GITAU FOR KENNESAW CITY COUNCIL 2 overlooking the many blessings happening around me. We spent and continue to spend a lot of time outdoors and by doing so, nature has its way of rejuvenating you.

 4. Upon working on how to manage my depression, I volunteered for 2 years with Global Media Outreach to help those going thorough storms in their lives. One successful story that will forever remain etched in my mind was helping a young 16 year old pregnant girl to stay focused on her goals after being rejected by her family, friends and neighbors who considered her an outcast. She gave birth to a beautiful boy and I became his ‘virtual’ godmother. I may never meet the young lady and her son but I uphold them in my prayers and I trust that they are doing well. 5. It was for the above reason that I was recognized during the 6th Annual Cobb County Community Service Awards as an individual who has positively impacted the city.

Why am I running for City Council? Kennesaw has been my home for the past straight 11 years (and on and off since 1995).

It is a growing city and I have witnessed it change over the years to accommodate all generations. Initially known for its historic culture and buildings, Kennesaw has had to adapt to changes especially with the rapidly growing Kennesaw State University (KSU) which is home to over 30k students.

There is mass construction everywhere – businesses, residential (single family homes, townhouses, condos and apartments). One concern that has been raised when talking to residents in apartments is that the rent is increasing thus forcing several people to move farther away from the city. Residents should be able to not only work in Kennesaw but also afford to live here. If I win the City Council seat, one focus of mine will be to encourage people to come out and speak to council about the changes they want to see.

We need participation in large numbers in order to make things happen. I believe in the potential of every man, woman and child in Kennesaw and will do all I can, God being my guide, to highlight the areas where we need to give people more opportunities to grow and develop in Kennesaw.

I am asking the residents of Kennesaw to vote for me because I can work diligently and effectively for them in this beautiful city. By voting for me, you will be bringing on a dynamic and active leader.

Your vote will ensure that your voice is heard. I promise you that a vote for Karen Gitau will be a vote for change. TRUST ME.

2019 ELECTION-You must be american citizen

To vote for Council in Kennesaw, you must be American Citizen and residing in Kennesaw.

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