VIDEO: Pastor Ng’ang’a Does it again,Embarrass A Woman in Church

VIDEO: Pastor Ng’ang’a Does it again,Embarrass A Woman in Church
VIDEO: Pastor Ng’ang’a Does it again,Embarrass A Woman in Church

Controversial preacher, James Maina Ng’ang’a, has been called out on social media for “embarrassing” a 48-year-old woman, who attends his Neno Evangelism church.

In an undated 3-minute video clip circulating on Facebook, Ng’ang’a is seen calling the woman to the podium. The purpose of that request by the preacher wasn’t immediately known from the 3-minute recording.

What left many Facebook users puzzled was when the preacher insisted on knowing what the woman had stuffed in her reusable bag, which she carried to the podium.

Ng’ang’a goes ahead to ask the woman why she did not have a classy bag.

Below is a transcript of that conversation, which has irked many Facebook users:

NG’ANG’A: Kuja na mfuko yako… How can you be this smart, then you carry this [classless] reusable paper bag?

WOMAN: [Inaudible].

NG’ANG’A: What are you using it for? Ni ya nini?

WOMAN: [Attempts to explain, though her voice is inaudible].

NG’ANG’A: Wapi bag yako? Are you confused? Umechanganyikiwa?

WOMAN: [Looks down, feeling humiliated].

NG’ANG’A: [Takes her by the arm and directs her to stand at the centre of the pulpit]. Utabebaje bag kama hii? Ama wewe ni mganga?

WOMAN: It is a paper bag.

NG’ANG’A: Ni ya nini?

WOMAN: Nimeitumia kubeba leso.

NG’ANG’A: Kwa nini umevaa rubber [shoes]?

WOMAN: Kwetu kulikuwa na mvua.

NG’ANG’A: Na viatu iko wapi?

WOMAN: [Looks down, suggesting she is embarrassed].

NG’ANG’A: Na hizi nguo ni wewe umenunua, ama umenunuliwa?

WOMAN: Ni mimi nimenunua.

NG’ANG’A: [Looks at her hair, and touches it]. Na nywele, ni wewe umetengeneza ama ni ile ya kuwekelea?

WOMAN: [Inaudible].

NG’ANG’A: Una miaka mingapi?

WOMAN: 48.

NG’ANG’A: Uh, 48, wewe umechanganyikiwa. Nenda ukakae. 48 ni sawa wewe kuvaa slippers. Hata ukikuja mikono mitupu, [ni sawa].


Facebook user Benja Ericko said: “The guy [Ng’ang’a] has lost it.”

Dorothy Wandawa said: “I cannot respond to his silly questions. I would just walk out. Kwani is he God?”

Waswa Derrick said: “I wish the clip went on. There must have been a strong message on dressing and first impression which he wanted to pass. Though his style is weird.”

Karicha Benjamin said: “People may be low in life, but they have dignity. ‘Pastor’ Ng’ang’a should know that.”

Fayzah Wanjiru said: “Huu ni upuzi wa aina gani?”

Kiogora Kiogora said: “I am shocked that people still worship in his church.”

This is not the first time Pastor Ng’ang’a is coming under razor sharp criticism over his “unorthodox” style of ministering to his congregation.

In November last year, the preacher was accused of giving celebrated Tanzanian gospel artiste Rose Muhando money (Ksh5, 000) in a bid to pretend that she was demon-possessed.

Muhando was video-taped in Pastor Ng’ang’a’s church, where the preacher was recorded “exorcising demons” out of the “Nibebe” star.

Ng’ang’a would later come out to deny that he “delivered Muhando from demons”, but only “attended to her as a doctor would attend to a sick patient”.

By Brian Okoth


VIDEO: Pastor Ng’ang’a Does it again,Embarrass A Woman in Church

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  1. kimani says

    fanatics and sycophants cannot tell the difference. Almighty creator of heaven and earth doesn’t dwell on any denomination. Majority of christians go to their churches like blind person.

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