VIDEO: Drama as Kirinyaga Woman Rep Ngirici is confronted by angry motorist for overlapping


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VIDEO: Drama as Kirinyaga Woman Rep Ngirici is confronted by angry motorist for overlapping. A video has emerged online showing Kirinyaga Woman Representative Wangui Ngirici “behaving badly on the road”.


In the footage shot last week in Nairobi’s Kilimani, Ms Ngirici’s car is seen breaking lane rules and overlapping with abandon.


In a video posted by Ustadh Kambona, Ms Ngirici is accused of breaching traffic rules and even trying to physically assault another motorist on the road.


“You are a grown (up) woman, shame on you! Shame on you! Follow the rules…! And you are coming here trying to punch me, a grown woman?” an angry motorist is heard saying in the faceoff.




The woman rep and her entourage are seen quickly getting into the vehicle as it is driven away, on the right side of the road.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Mr Oliech Dickens, the man shown confronting the MP explained the genesis of the altercation.


“This happened last week. I was in an Uber around Kilimani area headed to my brother’s house along Kitale Lane when a black Nissan 4 by 4 started to overlap as traffic was heavy and almost hit head-on an oncoming Mercedes Benz,” he says.


“A woman (Ngirici) came out from the back seat and accompanied by a woman and man who looked like her bodyguards and she started insulting the Merc driver demanding that she comes out of the car. She (Ngirici) was very abusive,” Dickens explains.




He says he was in lot of pain, having undergone an operation, and had been discharged two days earlier from the Aga Khan Hospital.


“I couldn’t just take it…I asked my Uber guy to stop. I struggled to come out of the car and confronted her and her team…I dint know who the hell she was…,” he says.


“She and her team tried to confront me but I stood my ground though in a lot of pain and didn’t allow them to know. She had to retreat and ate a lot of humble pie. We all must obey the law.”




And on Tuesday, Ms Ngirici also took to Facebook and apologised as she shared her hard-learned lessons.


“Yes, sometime back I had an incident involving overlapping on the road. I was rushing to attend to a patient by the name Magdale Wawira who was admitted [to] KNH. Sometimes, even leaders are reminded by the citizens about the society and its values,” she posted.


“I took the lesson, appreciated and apologised accordingly. To grow together as one cohesive and harmonious society, we must remind and correct each other whenever we go wrong or make mistakes.”


This is not the first incident in which a politician or high-ranking government official has been called out for misbehaving on the road this year.


In July, activist Boniface Mwangi stopped a VIP from using the wrong lane, blocking the convoy with his car.


“Why are you on the wrong side? I am not going to move! Who is this? Why are they driving on the wrong side? Obey the law!” Mr Mwangi said in the video.


The security personal escorting the unidentified VIP got out of the GK vehicle to redirect traffic.

In May, the Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai issued an order on State officials who should be given priority on the roads.


These include the president, first lady, deputy president, the chief justice, attorney-general, and the speakers of the National Assembly and the Senate.

Emergency response vehicles such as police cars, ambulances and fire engines can also use the wrong lane.

Governors, Cabinet secretaries and principal secretaries, except those in the Interior docket, MPs and other politicians do not have road privileges.

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