Life Lessons Of An Immigrant In US-In-depth look of Kenya


Life Lessons Of An Immigrant In US-In-depth look of Kenya: John Makilya reveals an in-depth look of Kenya, its people, and its traditions in this memoir about growing up there and starting a family before immigrating to the United States of America.

After his college education, John Makilya had a successful career in Kenya. The bulk of the his career showcases the idea that designing and installing management, accounting, record-keeping, and financial control system in community-owned enterprises/institutions is the first major ingredient of a profitable and successful project.

Secondly, an equitable distribution system of the benefits accruing from the enterprises/institutions to beneficiary communities is necessary to ensure sustainability of community enterprises/institutions.

Finally, a well-defined governance system of the community-owned enterprises/institutions is the third ingredient to a successful and sustainable enterprise/institution.

Available format:
Paperback & Hardcover


Life Lessons Of An Immigrant In US-In-depth look of Kenya 

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