A coastal destination on the move: AMG Realtors presents Malindi Almasi


A coastal destination on the move: AMG Realtors presents Malindi Almasi

Whether it’s the extensive range in nature or the Swahili inspired architecture,
one cannot deny that Malindi is a destination on its own. From the pristine sandy
beaches to the incomparable apocalyptic sunsets, it is a place whose beauty is not
likely to fade for decades to come.

The coastal regions are well known for their laid back atmosphere. A complete contrast to the hasty human traffic jams experienced in the streets of Nairobi where even if you were not in a hurry you instantaneously become infected with overlapping and overtaking pedestrians.

We can all agree that taking a well needed break in such a tropical locality once in
a while is good for the soul but there lies many opportunities that are quickly
shaping Malindi’s economy. It is projected as one of the fastest growing
economies in the coastal region, due to development opportunities especially in
real estate. Its central location between Mombasa and Lamu positions it for a
myriad of opportunities.

Malindi has been fortunate to experience good infrastructural development, from
the bypass to good road access that has eased life for dwellers.
Land is affordable at the moment but it is predicted to skyrocket in times to

This is the best time to invest.

Recreational activities promote tourism through sightseeing and will definitely
take you down memory lane to your history and geography lessons.
From the marine wildlife that consists of over 600 species to the cool alluring
waters of the Watamu beach, the sunny weather invites both man and wildlife.

The Sudi island mangrove forest plays an important role in the management and
balancing the coastal ecosystem. Mangrove forests protect coastlines by
preventing soil erosion and maintaining water quality. They have been under
threat in recent times. Human activities have adversely impacted their cover
forcing inception efforts to rehabilitate. Africa plantation has begun to foster such
change through bamboo farming for ecofriendly structures. These structures
contribute to keeping the beach in its pristine order.

You will then continue to explore dhow excursions, Gedi ruins, the Vasco da
Gama pillar, the falconry of Kenya, Marafa- hell’s kitchen and the fresh seafood

straight from the source. One can invest in constructing a holiday property that
saves you money and gives you profit in the long run. It can give you returns on
your investment if you choose to rent it out. The added advantage remains that
the itinerary will be full.

The government has invested and partnered in major projects meant to boost
Malindi. The Sala gate connecting Malindi to Tsavo national park as well as
Globeleq solar site. The CDC, United Kingdom’s investment bank in collaboration
with Globeleq a world leading power producer have begun construction of a $66
million plant in Malindi.

It will produce 52MWp solar photovoltaic power whilst rolling out 5,ooo jobs for Kenyans. The workforce will need and various amenities to serve them. Who could even comment on the appreciation level on land value for residential or commercial reasons? This is the perfect time to take advantage of this growing economy.

Take the first step today. Get an 1/8 th acre plot now at $2,400/Ksh 240,000. The
first 100 buyers will get another one absolutely free. The price is inclusive of all
transfer charges. Mother title deed is in our name.

Call or WhatsApp +254716490653 – Martin

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