Rose Muhando can’t recall how she was lured to Pastor Nganga’s church


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Rose Muhando can’t recall how she was lured to Pastor Nganga’s church

Rose Muhando can't recall how she was lured to Pastor Nganga's churchThe years leading up to the end of the past decade have been undeniably rough for Tanzanian singer Rose Muhando, who has had to battle claims of drug abuse, abortion and devil-worshipping.

In 2018, a video of the singer being exorcised by controversial pastor James Ng’ang’a surfaced online leaving many speculating that the popular artiste had lost it.

In the infamous video, the Neno Evangelism pastor was captured ‘exorcising the demons’ from the singer, who had been hit with several scandals.

Question on how the singer ended up in his church, the man of the cloth stated that Rose was unwell and needed urgent spiritual healing.

In a recent interview with a local media, Rose, however, seemed to dismiss Ng’ang’a claims that she had requested for spiritual healing.

Rose, who performed in Nakuru in the new year’s eve, told Standard Entertainment (SDE), that the pastor is the one who invited her to his church.

She, however, pointed out that she can not remember what transpired before and after the event and has no recollection on how she was lured to the church.

“Pastor Ng’ang’a had invited me to his church and I had reported a day earlier. However, on the day the video was shot, I had a lot of pain in my stomach and he told me he would pray for me. I blacked out after the first three words and to date-I still cannot tell what transpired,” she said.

The artiste noted that she has never gone back to Ng’ang’a’s church. They have also not talked since the dramatic event.

After the event, the singer was admitted at a Nairobi hospital and discharged in 2019.

Just like the ‘demons’ in the video accused former manager Alex Msama for Rose’s miseries, the singer is also on record saying she was a victim the manager’s selfish plan to take everything from her.

In interview with Radio citizen dated October 2019, Rose denied fraud, drug abuse, abortion and devil-worshipping claims saying they were well choreographed by Msama to tarnish her name.

She stated that the manager at some point tried turning her into a sex slave but with little success.

“Sikutaka kuwa mtumwa wa ngono, sitaki hata leo. Potelea mbali hata kama yeye alitaka kuchukua vitu vyangu, akaamua kunitengenezea scandal sababu nilimkataa,” she intimated.

She further noted that she has had a gun pointed at her over things she could not talk about on radio.

Kwani mara ngapi nimechukuliwa nikapelekwa milimani, nikapelekwa msituni nikawekewa bastola kichwani nikubaliane na kile ambacho sitaweza kulisema lakini nilikataa nikasema niko radi kufa lakini hata kwa dakika moja siwezi kubaliana na utumwa ambao walitaka kunitumikisha nao, siwezi!” she lamented.

2020 started quite well for her and during the recent interview, she intimated that she is working to be on her feet just like her heydays.

Stating that her children are her biggest investments, she denied claims of wallowing in poverty saying she has businesses and land in Tanzania.

She says despite societal pressures to get married she is happily single and focused on raising her children.

“All my children are in school. All of them have different fathers because every one of them left me when I was either pregnant or when the child was young. I have however managed to enrol them in good schools and soon my firstborn will be graduating with a degree in law,” she said.

Last year, Rose released a single with Ringtone dubbed “Walionicheka”. She also released “Ulindwe”, a dedication to President Uhuru Kenyatta and the entire nation of Kenya for standing with her when she was going through a hard time.

Rose Muhando can’t recall how she was lured to Pastor Nganga’s church

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