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VIDEO: Radio Interview with the president of the Ambitious Diaspora Group

VIDEO: Radio Interview with the president of the Ambitious Diaspora Group
VIDEO: Radio Interview with the president of the Ambitious Diaspora Group
There has been a lot of noise after the Ambitious Diaspora Group named its cabinet to Represent the Entire Diaspora. To answer some of the critics,the president of DNA (Diaspora National Assembly 254) His Excellency Dr, D K Gitau was on Radio R FM with DJ Canida Richard from Stuttgart Germany.

Diaspora National Assembly(DNA) #part2

The Diaspora National Assembly is a  whatsapp group that mirrors the Kenya National Assembly , just few days ago,it released the names of its patriotic leaders that will represent the entire Diaspora on issues that affect all in the Diaspora.

The group that forwarded their proposals to the BBI task force is now all fired up and ready to work closely with the Government to ensure that service delivery to all in the Diaspora will be smooth and closer to where Kenyans live.

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The Diaspora National Assembly is comprised of 180 committed dedicated honorable members who daily debate on current issues mostly from Kenya and in the Diaspora.

The aim of this unique group is to unite all in the Diaspora so that all can have one voice to attain the grandest height possible. We fail because we do not try. Here below is the new lineup.

Hon. Architect Dr. D.K. Gitau-President DNA
Hon. Professor Luke Nyatiki-Deputy President and Leader of task force at DNA
Hon. Kuira Kabiru- Speaker of Diaspora National Assembly at DNA
Hon. Albert Musasia -Chief Whip and Secretary General at DNA
Hon. Kailiba Mutuma- Leader of Majority publicity & Diaspora 2030 Agenda
Hon Alex Karundu- Leader of Business at DNA and 254 trade Liaison Ambassador
Hon Sam Mwaura-CS Ministry of information and broadcasting at DNA
Hon Dr Esther Kanyiri –Liaison Ambassador UK and international relations at DNA
Hon Bob Mwiti- CS Youth Affairs Ministry and Technology at DNA
Hon Peninnah Ndungu-CS Diaspora Ministry of Health awareness at DNA
Hon Lucy Karuri-CS Women Ministry and Public Holidays Coordinator at DNA
Hon Joseph Lister Nyaringo- CS Ministry of Diaspora Groups Cordination and Empowerment
Hon Joe Mungai –CS Ministry of Immigration and Deportation Affairs
Hon Professor Jerono Rotich- CS Education and Sports
Hon Edith Kariuki- CS Ministry of Home affairs USA Diaspora
Hon Lily Mwelu Meyer- CS Ministry of Culture and Diaspora Public Holidays
Hon Dr. Constance Mugalla-CS Central Organization for Diaspora Unity at DNA
Jack Gtatume- CS Interior and Diaspora Security
Hon Dr Agwenyi-CS Ministry of Tourism and International Trade at DNA
Hon Rev Dr. Penny Njoroge- Official DNA Chaplain and Mental Health and Depression Awareness

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VIDEO: Radio Interview with the president of the Ambitious Diaspora Group


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  1. I have lived abroad for many years and I have never heard of these people. How and why are they representing me? Are they elected and if so , by who?


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