VIDEO: Uhuru finally speaks, defends move to eject DP Ruto Allies

VIDEO: Uhuru finally speaks, defends move to eject DP Ruto Allies

VIDEO: Uhuru finally speaks, defends move to eject DP Ruto AlliesI will not work with people who are distracting my agenda.

Those were the words of President Uhuru Kenyatta when he talked to the Nation Media Group.

In an interview aired on NTV on Wednesday evening, Uhuru appeared to be hitting out at his deputy William Ruto without mentioning his name.

The President said that there are many who were blinded by their future political ambitions instead of focusing on current development.

“Do not let your ambitions of tomorrow cloud what you must do today. What you do today is what shall determine where you shall be tomorrow. That’s all and it is as basic as that to me,” Uhuru said.

The President spoke ahead of the Jubilee Party National Executive Committee meeting where allies of Ruto are expected to be kicked out.

This also comes only days after Ruto’s allies, Senators Kipchumba Murokmen, Susan Kihika and Kindiki Kithure lost their leadership positions in the Senate.

Uhuru said that the ongoing purge in Jubilee is aimed at safeguarding his agenda.

“I want people who are not going to fight that agenda that I laid out and gave to Kenyans. I want people who are going to support that agenda,” Uhuru said.

The Jubilee Party leader added; “I do not have that much time to go and so I cannot continue pleading. So if you feel you are not able to work in tandem with my agenda, please then, why don’t you let me put somebody who is eager and keen to help me fulfil that agenda.”

Uhuru said that while he was not against anybody, the ongoing purge would also help those who want to engage in politics to do so.

“These positions are very critical to me and my fulfillment of this agenda so let me put somebody who is willing to put their time and effort,” Uhuru said.

The President also said that his cooperation with opposition leader Raila Odinga and other political parties was aimed at uniting the country.

“I am not reaching out to break what we have. I have reached out to extend what we have,” Uhuru said indicating that the BBI agenda was only paused by the COvid-19 pandemic but would be resuming once things settle.

He noted that he still wonders why people are politicising the BBI process.

“It is about trying to end suspicions not create suspicions,” Uhuru said.


VIDEO: Uhuru finally speaks, defends move to eject DP Ruto Allies 

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