Kenya Village Voices: Is Prof George Magoha an Atheist? You Decide

Kenya Village Voices: Is Prof George Magoha an Atheist? You Decide

Dr. Teddy Kamau

The Kenyan villager agrees that sometimes we are led like sheep to slaughter. They are so busy trying to survive that they do not have the energy to ask questions. Their leaders lock them up at night so that they can sneak in the devil. You see, the villagers know the devil and when they smell him they run. The villagers do not like the devil. You will hear them say, “shindwe.” In my current study of behavioral Neuroscience, there is a new phenomenon within DNA progression that deals with what is called epigenetics. This new scientific research is associating environmental circumstances to genetic progression: resulting in behavioral alteration.

The study is trying to understand how the environment alters people’s DNA to make them perceptible to disease. However, as a philosophical theologian and social scientist my aim is to understand whether environmental issues like, hunger, oppression, suppression and historical abuse are becoming genetic makers within epigenetics. Are we changing to become submissive even to the devil?

The villager knows Kenya is a great country and they can together rejoice that Kenya’s foundation was well build. They sing the song, On Christ the Solid Rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand with confidence because those who fought for their UHURU did so with the help of the Word of God. They are consistent in this.

When my grand father was heading the psychological Christian counseling of the Mau Mau Detainees at Athi River camp and Manyani prison (1953-55), he made a case to the British that the Christ they worshiped in their Anglican cathedrals did not sanction the brutality they were showing the detainees (Google: Pastor Johanna Nyenjeri). He however understood that the independence the people were asking for was blind. He had spent years studying under American missionary establishment in Kijabe. He always said of the Americans, “These people know things we do not know.” Therefore he urged those fighting for independence to seek knowledge of what the white people knew. Because, as he wrote in his diary, “If we are given this government ya mzungu, without understanding how he runs it, we will fail.” He encouraged education and I am a testament of his love of knowledge.

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta sought to elevate that concern by establishing a very good education system. He was an educator before becoming president. According to L.S. B. Leakey, he was also born again. (see my work. Google: Reconstruction of the African Idea of God: A Philosophical Analysis with Critique from a Christian Perspective). President Jomo Kenyatta made sure that there was a school in every part of the country with teachers from TSC. Kenyatta’s theory was right. By the time President Moi took over in 1978, Kenya had a very well established providence of educated people to continue the advancement of British system of government in Kenya. We can credit Jomo Kenyatta with our education and the partnership with churches. The church has contributed greatly to Kenya’s education. President Moi, a Christian, worked with churches to advance Kenya’s education system. He is credited with building great schools.

In agriculture, Kenyatta had agricultural officers who worked with local farmers to help develop a sustainable agricultural philosophy. In health, churches have build hospitals, which are a great supplementary arm of the government. President Mwai Kibaki, a follower of Jomo Kenyatta attempted to take us back to Kenyatta’s blue print. We have however failed in providing employment, eliminating tribalism, creating industry and becoming self-sustaining in food. This failure has made us beggars. Jomo Kenyatta fought to make sure Kenya does not go back to Britain to beg. We have failed to keep his fight. This is where China comes in. We are beggars to China because of our failures.

Understanding the only good thing going for us is our education system with the partnership of the church, we are about to fail! The minister of Education Prof. George Magoha wants to destroy this great foundation by allowing Chinese to be taught in our schools. Before you accuse me of political agitation, which I don’t do, I am a Minister of Christ, let me remind you who this man is. Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. Magoha is Africa’s global representative of the Confucius Institute: The man is in bed with the Chinese. He is the one who has given them the university of Nairobi to have rooms so secretive that Kenyans are not allowed to enter (racism?). Confucius was an atheist who denied the existence of God, and believed that human beings are gods and morality comes from government. Knowing this, would you have your children being taught that God does not exist? That your child is god and the government is the source of moral behavior? The Chinese model that removes parental oversight and nurture?

Were our founding fathers suffering from myopia when they made sure that a good foundation includes the bible and the Kingdom of God in Christ? I pray not because, if Confucius-ism becomes our harambee, our children are doomed on earth and eternally. You cannot believe in Confucius-ism and believe in God: not compatible.

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (Ph.D)

HTBuff Associates

Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist

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