4 Kenyan Media Personalities Eyeing Political Seats in 2022


4 Kenyan Media Personalities Eyeing Political Seats in 2022

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At least four media personalities have so far expressed their desire to vie for political seats in the upcoming 2022 general elections.

While some may not have gone into detail about their aspirations, others have openely stated which seats they hope to clinch.Kenyans.co.ke compiled a list of four individuals who have spoken in public about joining politics.

1.) Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o

In a recent interview with Radio Maisha presenter Billy Miya, the comedian confidently stated that he would vie for the Lang’ata parliamentary seat in 2022.

”You are looking at Lang’ata MP, I am not incoming, When they mention MPs names, know that you will hear Jalang’o Jalang’o,” he stated.

”It is hard for a common mwananchi to bring that change we are all looking for but not for a politician,” he continued.

Currently, Jalang’o hosts a show on Kiss FM alongside presenter Kamene Goro. He also hosts a show on Youtube called Bonga na Jalas.

Radio presenter Jalang’o pictured at Kiss FM studios on July 13, 2020 TWITTER

2.) Jacque Maribe

On Tuesday, June 30, the former Citizen TV anchor hinted at running for a political seat in 2022.

In an instagram interview, entertainer Andrew Siro known to many as DJ Mista Dru asked Maribe if she would contest for a seat in Murang’a County with focus on the Kiharu parliamentary seat or Murang’a Women Representative post.

In response, Maribe stated; “It is an opportunity. Given the opportunity why not? I have not ruled it out but what I am saying is I have not officially declared it.”

Former Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe in an Instagram post on December 19, 2019 INSTAGRAM

Maribe was a senior political reporter at Citizen as well as a news anchor before she resigned in July 2019.

3.) Jackson Makini alias CMB Prezo

Renowned rapper Jackson Makini known to many as CMB Prezzo on June 30, 2020, announced that he would be running for the Kibra parliamentary seat in 2022.

Prezzo indicated that he wanted to bring out change that many politicians always promised Kenyans but never delivered on, once in office.

“Yes, I will be on the ballot. If God grants me life and good health, I don’t see why not,” he stated.

During the Kibra by-election in 2019, reports indicated that the musician had expressed his interest in the seat and would be vying under Kalonzo Musyoka’s Wiper Party.

However, the reports turned out to be fake.

A file image of Jackson Makini known to many as CMB Prezzo INSTAGRAM

4.) Alex Mwakideu

In an exclusive interview with Kenyans.co.ke in 2019, Mwakideu confirmed that he wanted to vie for the Wundayi parliamentary seat in 2022.

Mwakideu indicated that his decision had been emboldened by the fact that nothing much had been done for his community by the former MP’s.

“Let me correct you, I’m not running for the MP seat, I am becoming Wundayi MP in 2022,” he stated with affirmation.

He yet again confirmed his ambitions in an interview with his former co-host, saying that he would quit his radio career come 2022.

”This is my last leg on radio, after this am heading to politics,” he stated.

Alex Mwakideu (left) and Felix Odiwour, Jalango, (right) at Milele FM studios on Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Other media personalities have also sought to set the record straight about their future in politics.

In an exclusive interview with Kenyans.co.ke in December 2019, Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange disclosed that he would not want to be an elected leader, despite numerous requests by Kenyans to vie for a political seat.

“Who is going to vote for me? I drive down Uhuru Highway and I put my windows down and the guys who sell the newspaper say, ‘Hi Jeff, why don’t you vie for a seat sometime?’

“Then one of the men in the group will say, who is going to vote for him? Who is going to read the news for us?” Jeff narrated.

Former NTV news anchor Ken Mijungu told this writer that he was also not aspiring for a seat in the coming elections. He stated that business would not go well with politics.

On the other hand, Reggae DJ and renowned MC Chrispinus Odhiambo popularly known as Kriss Darlin told Kenyans.co.ke that he was not ready to disclose his 2022 aspirations.

Darlin was among 10 ODM aspirants for the Kibra by-election in 2019 but was locked out of the race after Imran Okoth won in the party tribunal.

The seat fell vacant after the death of Ken Okoth on July 26 after a battle with cancer.



Jalang’o Wewe Ni Msaliti Mkubwa” – Alex Mwakideu #BongaNaJalas

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4 Kenyan Media Personalities Eyeing Political Seats in 2022

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