Covid-19 Pandemic causes Diaspora Kenyans to consider career back-up

Covid-19 Pandemic causes Diaspora Kenyans to consider career back-up
COVD-19 Lay Offs and Job Cuts Got Many Thinking of a Career Back up in Data Analytics.
Corona Virus Pandemic has caused many Kenyans and Immigrants in the United States to consider a career back up plan.
This is true, more so, to self-employed Kenyans in the trucking business, assembly lines and other careers that are not considered part of the essential duties. These includes those who are in the healthcare industry, the Police and firefighters.
With massive job loses across the world. COVID-19 has taught many, that no career is safe. Job security is quickly becoming a point of concern to many.
That’s why Smart Data School of Analytics offers a rare chance for Kenyans and other Immigrants in the Diaspora a New Career Path in the Data Analytics.
This 14 Weeks Course covers Project management, Business Analysis and Data Analysis. Under Data Analysis, we strive to ensure our students understand Data Analysis tools such as Python, Advanced excel, Tableau, SQL and Alteryx.
Job security has therefore become elusive in the face of this pandemic. Many employees are quickly realizing that it helps to have a fall back plan. Because you may never know when you may need it.
Today, Big data analysis is the career of the moment. A job in Business analysis, Data Analysis and Project management can earn one in the upwards of 40 dollars an hour in the United States.
Initially dominated by Indian Immigrants; the IT industry is slowly attracting African immigrants as well. The desire for a greater pay and the flexibility that comes with careers in the Data Analytics field are compelling enough for African immigrants interested in this field. Its therefore encouraging to see Africans taking advantage of these courses that will help them land great opportunities.
Smart data school of Analytics presents an opportunity for all African immigrants to acquire those skills that will prepare them for the new careers.
Sign up for Classes Today. You can contact us at 858 790 9662 or 832 284 5812.
For more information, visit our website Ensure you book your spot in the upcoming class because classes are filling up quickly.


Covid-19 Pandemic causes Diaspora Kenyans to consider career back-up 

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