Why Data Science Jobs Provide Viable Alternative in the Midst of Covid-19


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Why Data Science Jobs Provide a Viable Alternative in the Midst of COVID-19 Layoffs for Immigrants in the United States.

The United states economy has taken a hit following the Corona Virus pandemic. Many of the American Citizens have lost jobs, save for the front line workers. This has not only been unique to the U.S, but across the world.

Job security has therefore become elusive in the face of this pandemic. Many employees are quickly realizing that that it helps to have a fall back plan. Because you may never know when you may need it.

We live in a dynamic society. Ever changing with each passing day. Gone are the days when nursing was a hot cake, it still is by the way. Also gone are the day when computer science was the thing. Today, Big data analysis is the career of the moment. A job in Business analysis, Data Analysis and Project management can earn one in the upwards of 40 dollars an hour in the United States.

Initially dominated by Indian Immigrants; the IT industry is slowly attracting African immigrants as well. The desire for a greater pay and the flexibility that comes with careers in the Data Analytics field are compelling enough for an African immigrant interested in this field. Its therefore encouraging to see Africans taking advantage of this courses that will help them land great opportunities.

Smart data school of Analytics presents an opportunity for all African immigrants to acquire those skills that will prepare them for the new careers. In smart Data Analytics, you will find an instructor led classes that include;

Project Management, Business Analysis and Data Analysis – This includes tools such as, Tableau, Python, Advanced Excel, SQL, Alteryx

By undertaking these courses, African immigrants present themselves with a great opportunity to join the IT industry and uplift the living standard of our brothers and sisters who depend on us.

Smart Data school of  Analytics can found at https://www.smartdataanalytic.com/ .This is where one can register and learn more regarding smart Data science. Below are some of the jobs in Data Analytics and Business Analysis that one can get, upon taking this course.




Data Analyst Jobs, Employment | Indeed.com

There are plenty of jobs in the Data Analysis, Business Analysis and Project Management.

For more details, feel free to contact.832 284 581 or 858 790 9662

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