I was so happy to meet senator Sonko – Reverend Natasha

Sonko and NatashaNairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko has been missing in action for over two months. But his worrying silence was broken by news that he survived an accident in Athi-River. The senator took to Facebook to thank God for his protection.

“Watu wangu, each and every second that you breathe, always remember to thank God because somebody somewhere needs that breath,” he wrote on November 6, adding, “As for my case, I narrowly escaped death earlier today at Engen Petrol Station Athi River after a fuel tanker (not belonging to Engen) rammed into the petrol station and hit my Toyota VX while I was fuelling. Luckily, we were all unhurt and we really thank God for being with us.”

Days after the accident, the flamboyant senator allegedly invited Reverend Lucy Natasha to his office for a ‘courtesy’ call and short prayers which Kenya’s ‘cutest’ preacher heeded and confirmed.

“It is true that he (Sonko) called me to his office. It was a professional meeting and we prayed together,” says Natasha, adding that, “I was so happy to meet him for the first time. This came days after the accident and I will continue praying for him for his big heart and the good things he is doing for Kenyans.”

Natasha’s ‘unveiling’ to most Kenyans came courtesy of Senator Mike Sonko, who confessed on social media early in the year that he couldn’t get enough of her sermons.

In an exclusive interview with The Nairobian in July this year, Rev Natasha, who revealed that tens of potential suitors have proposed to her, said, “I was also shocked to learn how he shared that he loves my messages on YouTube. Many people talked about it, both positively and negatively. But Sonko is a man of the people and if he calls me, I will answer because he is our leader. I hope to bless him soon with my DVDs and books.”


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