VIDEO: Kenya Airlift Program-The Journey Of Thousands Of Miles


Kenya Airlift Program: The Journey Of Thousands Of Miles

Kenya Airlift Program: The Journey Of Thousands Of MilesI think there is something beautiful about daring. Even when dreams seem so far-fetched, I have grown an impregnable admiration for people who are intentional and cling to their dreams. Somewhere along the way, nature gradually obeys. However, words are cheap, and so are dreams. Transforming a dream into reality is the most complicated process you will ever endure in your lifetime.


A couple of years back, there was a dream; born of hope and an undying desire to avail brilliant Kenyans an opportunity to change their lives by pursuing Master’s degree programs in the United States. The birth was the Kenya Airlift Program, a common name to many now. Looking back, the initial years when this program was just a mere conceptual framework were pretty challenging. Imagine going to someone and trying to sell an idea with nothing to show of it; just an idea. That is when words like, ‘con,’ ‘scammer’ become common to you. Luckily, there will always be risk takers; I would call them pacesetters. These are the folks who as long as they get impressed by a concept, they will go after it regardless of the risks involved. And that is how our journey started, with a sizable number of pioneers. The best was yet to come.


One year after the program was born saw the first batch of 3 students leave for different universities in the US. The idea was now a daylight reality. At the end of 2020, the second batch of 5 students convened at Florida to bond together as they prepared to leave for different US States for the commencement of their January 2021 semester. 2021 looks even more promising, with over 100 students at various stages in the program in preparation for take-off to the ‘land of the bold’ as the US is often christened. Come August 2021, the program expects to airlift more than 10 students for the beginning of fall classes. The future looks heavily pregnant. It is for these reasons that you shouldn’t miss a taste of our beautiful story; the attached video is without any doubt a call for hope, against all odds.

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Kenya Airlift Program: The Journey Of Thousands Of Miles

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