The Re-Opening of New revamped Swahili Village Restaurant in Beltsville

The Re-Opening of New revamped Swahili Village Restaurant in Beltsville
The Re-Opening of New revamped: Kevin Onyona, President & CEO Lynn Onyona, General Manager Swahili Village

Kevin Onyona, Ambassador Robinson Githae, Agnes and Isaac Kariuki of Diaspora Messenger

The return of Swahili Village restaurant as the most important culinary African safari set for March 2019. Swahili Village, like the Phoenix, is now rising from the ashes. The highly anticipated re-opening kicks off with an official pre-opening ceremony dinner event scheduled for March 26, 2019. The Kenyan Ambassador to the US, H.E Amb Robinson Njeru Githae, will preside over the ceremony that will usher Swahili Village back to the central mainstream of authentic ethnic cuisines; Also, as one of the most prominent African Restaurant in the East Coast of the United States of America. Swahili Village will open its door for business officially on Wednesday, March 27, 2019. Followed by a Grand Opening on Friday, March 29, 2019.

Ambassador Githae touring the renovated Swahili village kitchen

Swahili Village restaurant is back with a fully loaded dining experience like never before. “This will mark a significant milestone this year for our restaurant as preparations for the 10th anniversary unfold.” and with a profound sense of pride, Swahili Village is pleased to announce that after almost a yearlong reconstruction, it’s renovated and upgraded with modern kitchenware. Said the CEO/President of Swahili Village Kevin Onyona. H. E. Ambassador Robinson Njeru Githae, the Kenyan Ambassador to the US and Head of the African Ambassador Group, will attend the opening ceremony to express his appreciation of the cultural diplomacy Swahili Village performs in the U.S. representing Africa.


Swahili Village was closed in May 2018, due to significant damage caused by a fire in the kitchen. Although damage was costly, Kevin Onyona has looked on the brighter side and turned the shutdown into an opportunity for improvement and renovation of areas of the restaurant that required enhancement — giving Swahili Village a fresh look. Like the phoenix of Greek mythology, Swahili Village is now rising from the ashes with renewed vision, capacity, and vigor.

The improvement includes the installation of a Lainox Naiboo Combi-oven, the “World’s Smartest and Most Versatile Cooking Platform” with apps and a high-tech interface similar to current technology found in the most advanced mobile phone. The oven has efficient and instant execution of the perfect cooking times for a variety of Swahili Village’s recipes. The upgrade will enable our kitchen and service staff to provide better service and meals cooked to perfection.


“Besides, newly painted rooms and fitted glass partition to create intimate and private dining sections, our professional staff has been extremely patient during the construction, and we cannot thank them enough for sticking with us. Added Kevin Onyona. We also thank our customers for being so patient. We apologize to those who have driven up to the restaurant and realized that we were closed and tell them how much we appreciate their loyalty over the past ten years. Swahili Village is now ready to meet its customers’ expectations and look forward to seeing them soon.”

Swahili Village, expresses its gratitude to the community of Beltsville for their Support, and Prince George’s County for expediting our permitting process. We would also like to thank the brave men and women of the Prince George’s fire department whose swift and professional response saved our restaurant from total loss.


Swahili Village, based in Beltsville, Maryland has set the pace in the provision of Ethnic African cuisine. The long tradition of Swahili culture developed through centuries of interaction between the innovative and adventurous trading communities surrounding the Indian Ocean. As far as the Far East, amazing culinary infusion of the African tradition of open fire cooking and the blend of tropical seasoning into one truly Kenyan taste owned by the vast African region. A courtship with a distinctly American style of packaging that has become the true definition of Swahili Village Culture. Bold Authentic African Cuisine.

The Re-Opening of New revamped Swahili Village Restaurant in Beltsville

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