Shun Negativity And Thoughts That Make You Stop Pursuing Your Dreams

Shun Negativity And Thoughts That Make You Stop Pursuing Your Dreams
There’s a lot happening in our world today. There’s a new normal that a majority haven’t adjusted to, yet. It is therefore easy to throw in the towel and just let dreams go. We can after all console ourselves that we are not the only ones affected, the whole world is. The surprising fact however is that there are those who were shaken but picked up quickly and are thriving, even in the most difficult times. How is that possible?
Learning from the mistakes of others is an adage we should all live by, but most of us confuse that with owning the failures of others. Because person XYZ failed at their first attempt, we are not going to waste time giving it a trial. We are afraid of starting because person ABC invested so much and lost it all. We even let people’s opinions alter our dreams with comments like “it has never happened; no one can change the system; this is how things work”! What a pity! We choose to crawl and walk beneath when we have wings to fly and soar.
It is good to be aware and informed of what is happening around us, but it is not okay to let that stop us from dreaming. Instead of being intimidated by fear of failure, be inspired and motivated by the success of those who are making it regardless of the times. Just because they failed at their first trial doesn’t mean you will fail too, whether you have to do it twice or ten times. Instead of being discouraged by “it has never happened before”, challenge yourself to make it happen. If they say no one can change the system, challenge them with why not? And when they insist that “this is how things work”, reject the status quo and let them see things can work better.
By all means, shun negativity and thoughts that make you stop pursuing your dreams. Maybe things are the way they are because you are still keeping your ideas to yourself, or you have let your dreams go by allowing negativity set in. Focus on the possibilities, in order to soar beyond the impossible. You can achieve it. Let no one convince you otherwise, because, Impossible is Nothing!
By Elizabeth Ekakoro Bore: Diaspora Messenger contributor
Shun Negativity And Thoughts That Make You Stop Pursuing Your Dreams

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