Kenyan Woman Accused of ‘Biting Off Roommate’s Fingers’ in Spain

Kenyan Woman Accused of 'Biting Off Roommate's Fingers' in Spain
Kenyan Woman Accused of ‘Biting Off Roommate’s Fingers’ in Spain: Image/Curtesy

A Kenyan Woman in the Spanish city of Seville, Spain is Accused of  biting off  her roommate’s fingers.

Police in  the Spanish city are detaining the woman who allegedly bit and ate two of her roommate’s fingers in front of a six-year-girl.

The 45-year-old suspect was arrested on charges of attempted murder.

Spanish police said the suspect attacked her 48-year-old Congolese roommate in an apartment in the southern city of Seville because she believed her roommate was “possessed”.

Concerned neighbours called the police who found the suspect attacking her roommate.

The suspect’s six-year-old daughter was in the apartment at the time of the attack.

According to Diario de Sevilla a spanish publication, the Kenyan woman also tried to disembowel her roommate using a stone. The suspect allegedly tried to force the stone into the victim’s anus.

The attack is said to have happened on September 18, but details of the incident have only just been made public.

Local reports said police believe the brawl started as a verbal argument.

Things turned physical amid accusations of witchcraft, with the suspect saying the other woman is “possessed” and engaged in a violent assault.

The suspect is said to have hit the Congolese on the head, threw her on the floor before bitting off two fingers.

The victim was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment while the suspect was restrained in a psychiatric ward and later detained in a police cell.

The suspect’s daughter is in the custody of the city.

The Family and Women Assistance Unit (UFAM) in Sevilla is currently investigating the incident.


Kenyan Woman Accused of ‘Biting Off Roommate’s Fingers’ in Spain

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