US Zoo Names Giraffe, Njeri after netizens suggested the name


US Zoo Names Giraffe, Njeri after netizens suggested the name

US Zoo Names Giraffe, Njeri after netizens suggested the nameThe Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden, Oklahoma State, USA on October 6, 2021, named a newborn giraffe, Njeri.

The young giraffe was born on September 15, and taking to social media, the animal conservation facility requested netizens to suggest a name for it.

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“We’re looking high and low for giraffe lovers to help name Julu’s female giraffe calf, born Wednesday, September 15! The naming contest will be held now through Sunday, October 3,” the Zoo’s tweet on October 1, read.

Yesterday, they announced that they had found a name for the young giraffe courtesy of netizens.

“Here she is… Njeri! The OKC Zoo is thrilled to announce that its new giraffe calf has a name- Njeri which means warrior.

“We appreciate everyone who participated in our online contest to help name Julu’s calf. Come see Njeri, Julu and the rest of the Zoo’s giraffe herd soon!” The zoo tweeted.

However, the meaning of the name Njeri as described by the Zoo elicited mixed reactions among Kenyans.

While a section, congratulated the Zoo for giving the giraffe a Kikuyu name, others called them out for getting the meaning of the name wrong.

“Njeri here in Kenya is a Kikuyu name directly translated as roamer, or one who roams. If you got it from another country or culture – please let us know which one,” one Twitter user stated.

“Njeri DOES NOT mean warrior. Njeri is a Kikuyu name so please be verifying your translations with native speakers. Google translate is not always correct,” Kate Njoroge noted.

“Wonderful news! #TeamNjeri we scooped the honors! May giraffe calf ‘Njeri’ live long to inspire the conservation of her species,” Paul Udoto opined.

“Njeri would mean one who goes visiting. From Muceri,” Wanjohi Githae added.

While Google gives the meaning of Njeri as, “baby born to a warrior”, Kenyans seemed to differs, arguing that the translator is wrong.

A source who spoke to revealed that the meaning of the name revolves around; vagabond, wanderer, traveller, or tourist.



US Zoo Names Giraffe, Njeri after netizens suggested the name

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