Former Churchill Comedian Francis Onono Promoted In The US Army


Churchill Comedian Francis Onono Graduates From US Army AcademyFormer Churchill Show Comedian, Francis Onono, who graduated from the United States Army has been promoted.

Onono revealed on Instagram that he had earned the rank of a U.S. Army Private First Class, on Thursday, December 16, 2021.

The former comedian shared pictures after he was given his new uniform insignia to signify the new role he had attained.

He also shared that his dream is to attain the rank of a Brigadier General, where the occupants of that office are adorned with one star to signify their status in the army.

Onono’s new rank, the Private First Class (PFC) is the third-lowest U.S Army rank. According to the Military Ranks website, Privates get promoted to the rank of PFC after one year of service, or earlier depending on the commanding officer.

“The primary role of a PFC is to carry out the orders issued by their commanding officers. Upon attaining the rank of PFC, most soldiers will eventually advance to either the rank of Specialist or Corporal,” the Military site explained.

“The rank of PFC is attained by all Privates Second Class after a year in service or earlier at the request of superiors as a reward for sustained good performance. Privates attaining this third level of this class are assigned even greater responsibility at the individual level.”

They earn Ksh230,695 monthly without factoring in bonuses such as education allowance, clothing allowance, hostile pay, hazard pay, and more.

PFC are also not addressed by their names as per the military conduct. For example, Mr Onono would be addressed as  “Private Onono”, which is written as PFC Onono.

“In formal situations, a Private First Class should always be addressed by their full rank,” the military site stated.

When Onono got an opportunity to join the U.S army, Churchill Show founder, Daniel Ndambuki, took to social media to congratulate him.

Onono appeared on the show where he presented his spoken-word piece, I have a dream, and captivated audiences with his wordplay and comical interphases.

He identifies himself as a poet and a musician having released various songs over the years including BinadamMweshimiwaHendisheki and Kenya Hii.

He describes his music as Afro-music combined with poetry, where he tackles issues that affect society.



Former Churchill Comedian Francis Onono Promoted In The US Army

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