Kenyan Immigrant worker who survived torture in Saudi Arabia Speaks out

Immigrant workers allegedly tortured in The Gulf say recruitment agencies refused to support their return

Kenyan Immigrant worker who survived torture in Saudi Arabia Speaks out
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A Kenyan Immigrant worker Rebecca Chesang who allegedly survived torture in Saudi Arabia Speaks out after her safe return to Kenya. Rebecca says that recruitment agency had refused to support her return.

It was song and dance in Kapkenyeloi village in Mosop Constituency, Nandi County when a Saudi Arabia returnee, who claims to have survived torture in the Gulf Country held a thanksgiving party.

Rebecca Chesang hosted residents to celebrate her return to Kenya alive. Chesang was evacuated from Saudi Arabia in January after The Standard highlighted her plight. She had complained of frequent beatings by her employer’s wife, which caused her legs to swell…

She says she has forgiven recruitment agents who made her believe that life in Saudi Arabia was rosy…Chesang’s friend Nancy Chepchirchir from Kitale, who escaped from Iraq, where she worked as a caretaker of a sick elderly woman also narrated her ordeal.

“We became friends with Chesang because we were recruited and trained in Nairobi by the same agent. I went to Iraq a few days before she (Chesang) left. I read about her plight and watched it on YouTube. While she was suffering in Saudi Arabia, I was facing abuse in Iraq.

The family I was working for left me alone with the elderly woman and I would spend my salary on expenses which were not reimbursed and I couldn’t send any money home,” Chepchirchir said… She says receiving help from the Kenyan Embassies and employment agents, to get out of the Gulf after fallout with employers is difficult.


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Kenyan Immigrant worker who survived torture in Saudi Arabia Speaks out

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