I Believe In Miracles: A Testimony Of Hope After Son Was Shot 3 Times

I Believe In Miracles: A Testimony Of Hope After Son Was Shot 3 Times
I Believe In Miracles: A Testimony Of Hope After Son Was Shot 3 Times. Sammy Nagi Njuguna when he was at the hospital.

A moving testimony of a mother (Dr. Peninah Pearl Nduta) whose son, Sammy Nagi Njuguna was shot three times at a gas station in South Caroline. Sammy spend one month in the hospital, had 3 surgeries due to collapsed lungs and had broken ribs. May the testimony encourage and inspire you, may it strengthen your faith.

On October 7th at 1:00 am, I received a phone call that all parents often pray they will never get. But I did; because all things work together for good for us as believers of Christ. It comes a time when our faith is tested. God gives us opportunities to apply what we have been teaching others for years. I am realizing those opportunities are never packaged the way we have always thought or some of us been taught. I am now grasping what the word of God says in Philippians 2:12 that we continue to work our salvation with fear and trembling.

It was on a Tuesday morning at 12:00 a.m. that I remember waking up feeling restless.  I knew something was not right because I had taken 2 sleeping pills that would have normally knocked me out.  I wondered why? Because I felt somewhat troubled.  After saying a short prayer, I tried to go back to sleep. I thought my inability to sleep was because I was in another state attending my niece wedding.  The wedding was over but I decided to relax for a couple of days with the family.  We were are all staying in one big house.

At around 1:00 am the phone rang.  It was my son’s father.  My heart dropped!  I had an inclination that something was wrong.  As calmly as he could, he announced “our son has been shot, they have taken him to the hospital with serious injuries.”  He proceeded to explain that he had been shot 3 times on the chest at a gas station near his house.  As my family (my nieces, nephews and my sister and brother-in-law) gathered together to pray for me, a thought came in my mind of all the years I spend in public schools teaching children what to do in case there was a shooter.  The reality is that only God protects, and the best we can do is pray daily and plead the blood of Jesus and ask God to have his way.  And God did that day.  I had to leave immediately and fly back to South Carolina.  Although I did not know what to expect, I felt the love of God through my family who surrounded me with so much love and hugs which I needed dearly. My family’s presence and comfort reminded me the words in Psalm 91:4 “He will cover you with feathers, and under his wings, you will find refuge, His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”

Needless to say my son spend a very difficult one month in the hospital.  During that time he had 3 surgeries due to collapsed lungs and other complications.  The bullets had broken his ribs, gone through the lungs and barely missed his heart and spine.   Although the doctors tried to save his lungs, they had to remove some of it due to the injuries.  Surely God gave him his life back and allowed me to experience God’s mercy and unmerited grace.  I realized as a mother, there are many times when we miss so many opportunities to thank God. Sometimes we are so preoccupied with our future plans that we forget to live in the now and to appreciate the blessings that are present.  Other times we focus on what is either missing in our lives or in the lives of our children or family.  I encourage parents to see greatness in their children, God’s way. I dare parents too, to be the change they want to see in their children!

Through this experience I am learning to deliberately look out for those small miracles that I used to ignore daily.  I wake up with a heart of gratitude.  I can now say even the opportunity to share this experience is a miracle itself.  My family and I would like to thank everyone who prayed for us or supported Nagi financially.  God uses people like you to empower and to give hope.    By Dr.  Peninah Pearl Nduta (Bridging Generation International, South Carolina)

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I Believe In Miracles: A Testimony Of Hope After Son Was Shot 3 Times

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  1. Cyril lovett says

    The only miracle I see here, is the power of science, The Doctor, nurses and medical team saved your son’s life, and all credit belongs to them, A true miracle would be one, if he never got shot in the first place, all the bullets missed him, or some supernatural power stopped the bullet on their track. By no mean am trying to diminish your believe in prayer, but it beats common sense how theist believe in god, if one life was spared after hours of science intervention, all praise be to god and if the person dies, they twist the story and say he got his wings, or the good god called him home. It can’t be both ways, it’s either, Soon the James Webb telescope will shine a light to the origins of the world and its many secrets, which will be painful to many Christian communities. I think you should be giving thanks to Science, medicine and doctors for this miraculous even.
    Just food for thought, every single day 15000 kids under 5 years of age die, an estimated 6.3 million children a year, that is 1 every 5 seconds, mostly of preventable causes, according to new mortality estimates released by UNICEF, the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Population Division and the World Bank Group.
    I believe a loving deity would never discriminate, would be all loving and caring for everyone the same. The difference between you son and this kids, is that your son had a team of professional attending to him, but the kids in the developing world, did not have anyone to administer a Malaria pill, or some nutritional food to nurse them back to health. Much Love from Las Vegas Nevada

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