Engineer your Life: Have a vision of the life you want, Stay relevant

Engineer your Life: Have a vision of the life you want, Stay relevant
Engineer your Life: Have a vision of the life you want, Stay relevant

4th March is World Engineering Day for sustainable development.  This day seeks to highlight the place of engineering, the accomplishments of Engineers in the current world, and how essential they are for sustainable development. There’s more to engineering than meets the eye and without it, the world would be desolate. From technology to transport, medicine to housing, agriculture to aquaculture; engineering is paramount to life. Accolades to engineers and the engineering fraternity for making lives better.

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Life can be likened to engineering in practice. It just doesn’t happen. It is gradual and takes a lot of work. From conception, pregnancy, birth to developmental stages; life is engineered to function. An engineer doesn’t wake up one day and decide to create or build an entity. They first conceptualize or visualize the desired outcome to get started. It starts with imagination, and so is life. You have to see yourself there to get there.

After visualizing, the Engineer gets started by making a sketch or plan. Additions into and subtractions from the plan are made until the choicest is attained.  It doesn’t end there. The engineer has to oversee works being implemented according to plan, and whether or not adjustments need to be made. Engineers are accountable for the results of their work, and they cannot afford to blink an eye because the results speak out loud.  It is a fast-changing world and engineers cannot be left behind, learning and unlearning must continue to engineer a relevant future.

Like an engineer, you must have a vision of the life you want.  You must put it down and make a plan on how you will get there. Adjustments must be made if need be, but with the goal in mind. Adapt to change. Your hands will get dirty and that’s fine, make things happen. Keep learning and unlearning. Stay relevant. Be the Engineer of your life. Don’t just imagine, create; and it is not enough to just create, aim at sustainable outcomes. Your reasons for failure don’t count and your results need no arguments.

Impossible is Nothing!

By Elizabeth Ekakoro Bore: Diaspora Messenger Contributor

Elizabeth is the author of Imagine the  world and create it, a powerful book that is an inspiration to all to re-ignite our zeal to dream. whatever you dreams,you can bring it to pass.

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Engineer your Life: Have a vision of the life you want, Stay relevant


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