Kenyan Mother Dies After News of Daughter’s Suicide Death in Saudi Arabia

Kenyan Mother Dies After News of Daughter's Suicide Death in Saudi Arabia
Kenyan Mother Dies After News of Daughter’s Suicide Death in Saudi Arabia

A family in Kakamega county is mourning the death of Rael Aketch and her mother who collapsed and died upon getting news of her daughter’s demise.

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Speaking to the media on Monday, April 11, the family representative revealed that Aketch’s mother collapsed after learning that her daughter had committed suicide at a Police Station in Saudi Arabia.

The family disclosed that the mother suffered a severe heart attack stating that she was not ill at the time of her death.

“It did not take a while after receiving news of Aketch’s death before the mother collapsed. She was pronounced dead at the hospital,” the representative stated.

Additionally, the family alleges foul play in the death of Aketch who had travelled to the Gulf country in December 2021 to look for greener pastures.

They called on the government to intervene and investigate the mysterious death of the 39-year-old mother of four which occurred on April 5.

Aketch’s family claimed that she had differences with her boss and decided to file a report with the police.

“She had travelled to Saudi Arabia to work for her boss but things proved to be difficult between the two. Due to the differences, she reported the matter to the police and committed suicide while in police custody.

“What we are asking is how a police station where people who seek refuge can turn into a crime scene? We are very shocked and we call in the police to give us a detailed report on what transpired,” the representative stated.

Further, the family called on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help them bring back the body of their kin for burial, stating that they were overwhelmed by the double tragedy.

“We have lost two of our loved ones and we just call on the government to help bring out kin back home,” another family member stated.

In February, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs proposed a ban on Kenyan workers travelling to the Middle East due to public concern over the mistreatment of Kenyan workers. Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau stated that the move would help the government develop a framework to protect Kenyans.

“Statics indicate the dire reality that we face. It warrants bold and decisive action to curb further suffering of Kenyan domestic workers in Saudi Arabia.

“As additional measures to protect the rights and welfare of migrant workers are put in place, the ministry recommends for a temporary ban of recruitment and export of domestic workers to Saudi Arabia,” he stated.




Kenyan Mother Dies After News of Daughter’s Suicide Death in Saudi Arabia

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