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Why The Rainy Season is The Best Time to Buy a Houses and Land

Do Not Shy Away from Investing in Real Estate in an Election Year
Do Not Shy Away from Investing in Real Estate in an Election Year

Over the past couple of years, a number of estates flood during rainy seasons destroying properties and items worth millions and displacing residents.

Have you been a victim of flooding? Have you ever leased, rented a house or bought a piece of land that was adversely affected by flooding?

The sad state of affairs is that the houses get occupancy as soon as the rainy season is over creating fresh victims. You will the houses repainted and a number of things done. However, this does not only affect apartments, a number of properties around Lake Nakuru flooded during the rainy seasons and displaced communities.

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Whereas so many people shy away from going to site visits and house tours during the rainy and cold seasons, there are some advantages of going to see these properties during the rainy seasons. If you are looking to buy land in Kenya, below are some advantages of making the decision during a rainy season.

Advantages of a rainy season when buying a house


Rain reveals the quality of the roof

A quality roof should be built with durable roofing materials that should be able to withstand heavy rains, severe winds, resist UV rays, fire, and prevent leaks and pooling by diverting water away from the house. Heavy rains will reveal any leaks in the roof, real colors of the roof etc.

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Rain exposes the quality of drainage system

Drainage systems include all of the piping within a private or public property that conveys sewage, rainwater, and other liquid waste to a point of disposal. Roofs prevent water from getting into the house but it should direct it to the right drainage system that does not affect the house

Rains reveal the drainage of the area

Heavy rains in an area are likely to show how the entire estate looks like and the roads.

Rains show the quality of the house material/equipment

The kind of materials used in a house can only be shown by adverse weather conditions. This include paints, doors, windows, electricity connection etc. While this may need to verify, a rainy season can help you see some defects.

Rains show your true feeling to the house itself

You may have generally liked a house during warm weather but a rainy season will give you a different view of the entire house.


Advantages of a rainy season when buying a plots


You identify the right land at the right location

Everything seems to be perfect and absolute in the usual time and scenario and land is no exemption. The real face of a thing is revealed only when it is affected. In the same way, a locality might seem to be in the perfect condition with good infrastructure and connectivity at regular times. Only when it rains, you will know the real problems in it. Waterlogging, traffic jams and commuting are the common problems you face during the rainy season.

You ascertain the real value of the land

The value of a property maybe high during rainy seasons but with rains you are well able to see the real condition during unexpected natural calamity occurs such as heavy rains, flooding, storms, etc. During this time period, the real worth of the land can be ascertained

You negotiate for a good deal during rainy season

If suppose you like a specific property in a particular location, but that has a water logging or sewage problem, you could use this chance to negotiate for better deals with the seller.

Rains help you assess the accessibility of the property

Rains affect the best of the roads and highways and this is not exemption to access roads to a property. Whereas the roads may not be as perfect as during sunny seasons, you should at least be able to access the property

Drainage and Sewer System

This is another key factor that you are well able to assess during rains, you will see how the area behaves in draining water and the general sewer systems.

There is less competition for properties

Cold and rainy weather has a way of making people not desire to get in the fields and struggle with mud. This is why you should take advantage of the situation and be in touch with a land selling company such as Username Investments so that you go see the land and decide when the property is at its worst.

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Why The Rainy Season is The Best Time to Buy a Houses and Land

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