Diaspora Organization Supports Ruto For Creation of Diaspora Governance Structure

Diaspora Organization Supports Ruto For Creation of Diaspora Governance Structure
Diaspora Organization Supports Ruto For Creation of Diaspora Governance Structure

The One Voice Consortium (OVC) an umbrella of more than 100 diaspora organizations greatly embraces the direction H.E. President Dr. William S. Ruto in his public announcement of creating diaspora governance that will include the diaspora ministry and
county 48- Diaspora.

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H.E The President, diaspora community is appreciative and happy to work cohesively with your new administration to improve the lives of our citizenry. Great news indeed! The creation of governance structures of diaspora county and ministry will boost the diaspora
agenda and resolve many issues and challenges facing them.

This has been an agenda among Global Diaspora OVC and community members have been seeking fulfillment for a long time. The speech of H.E The President at the United Nations was warmly received by the diaspora community as it demonstrated a full understanding of not just Kenyan issues, but regional and
global matters.

The President’s speech was timely and the release of the Supreme Court’s detailed ruling affirmed the earlier declaration of the presidential elections. Global Diaspora OVC members that represent hundreds of diaspora organizations will work with the new administration to carry forward the diaspora agendas and that affects our Kenyan people.

The diaspora community plays a critical role in Kenya’s economic development as evidenced by the latest diaspora remittances (August 2022) that bypassed the previous years and the year is not behind us yet.

The OVC recognizes and welcomes the president’s diaspora direction affirming his campaign promises to diasporas. We are pleased with how far our country and leaders have matured in conducting democratic, free, and fair elections that concluded.

Now that the detailed Supreme court ruling is out, we urge all leaders of various factions and parties to come together and support the president to create a conducive environment to boost Kenyan economic growth.

An economy that will create quality decent jobs for our people, particularly the young generations who are the engines of the future. The diaspora community supports the President and will play a role in setting up highly needed consular services.

Recently, OVC members volunteered to assist the US embassy staff in processing the e-Passport in Dallas, Texas, Minneapolis, MN, and Kenya
Ambassador to US meeting Kenyans in Seattle, Washington.

We urge the diaspora community regardless of who you voted for to stand in solidarity with the President to advance agendas in all sectors.

We were proud of the Kenyan electorate, therefore, we congratulate our fellow Kenyan citizens for coming out to exercise their democratic rights and voting in and electing President Dr. Ruto in the just concluded 2022 general election.

We are very proud of our country in this regard and the smooth transition of power to the new administration led by our 5th President; His Excellency
Dr. William Samoei Ruto. Kenya is peace-loving and founded on democratic values and the independence of the three branches of government.

Any nation is founded on its constitution that prevails peace and the laws that protect its citizens and businesses responsible for domestic economic development in a global arena.

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It is important to note that, long before the elections, OVC and the Diaspora Community had presented various recommendations that included the formation of a Diaspora ministry, and county 48 presented to parties and their manifestos.

It is with high gratitude that the president has announced honoring the diaspora community and forming their government. A carefully crafted Diaspora County and ministry will be a powerful vehicle for mobilizing Diaspora resources, unity of purpose, and cohesion towards the development of our country Kenya and
its citizens.

We hope the legislatures will act swiftly to support the president and move forward to affirm his ministerial nominations and bill to create the diaspora county 48.

Oh God of All Creation…God Bless Kenya!… Tujenge Pamoja kwa Nguvu!…

Robert Chiuri: Founder Chair, Global Diaspora One Voice Consortium

PhD Prof. Peter Ndiang’ui: Director of Global Operations OVC

Diaspora Organization Supports Ruto For Creation of Diaspora Governance Structure


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