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Blamed For Your Trouble: Most Painful Experiences Is To Be Blamed For Your Trouble

Blamed For Your Trouble: Most Painful Experiences Is To Be Blamed For Your Trouble
Blamed For Your Trouble: Most Painful Experiences Is To Be Blamed For Your Trouble

Excerpt from Michael Wambugu’s book (A Song in the Night ) chapter titled, BLAMED FOR YOUR TROUBLE

One of the most painful experiences when you are going through trouble, is to be blamed for what has befallen you. Job explained the attitude that people have towards those experiencing trouble thus: “Men at ease have contempt for misfortune as the fate of those whose feet are slipping” (Job 12:5). The psalmist expressed heartache borne out of similar circumstances. He said, “Our soul is exceedingly filled with the scorning of those that are at ease, and with the contempt of the proud,” (Psalm 123:4).

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All of Job’s friends blamed him for the trouble that befell him. Most likely they knew that Job used to offer a sacrifice on behalf of each of his sons and daughters to atone for any sin they might have committed every time they came together for a time of feasting (Job 1:2-5). Now, when trouble came upon Job, his friends might have concluded that the sacrifices he had been offering on behalf of his children were merely a matter of pretense, a cover-up of some sort. Other people in the land of Uz who heard about what had befallen Job might have blamed him, just as the friends who visited him to console him. When they heard that Job’s sons and daughters had died in a windstorm while feasting at the eldest brother’s house, they might have blamed Job for not controlling his children. Why had he allowed them through the years to hold ‘wild parties?’

Men at ease have contempt for misfortune as the fate of those whose feet are slipping . . .

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This book helps us to glean some eternal truth that points out to us that regardless of our status in life, we will go through certain vicissitudes in life that will be challenging. Some dark nights and moments may come our way. The encouragement is that even in the midst of the dark moments, the Lord will give us a song in the night and take us through the situation. A brighter day is coming and the Lord’s light will dawn upon us.

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A Song in the Night is a book worth reading, especially in these difficult days. I fully trust that it will be a blessing to many.
Calisto Odede (Rev.)Presiding Bishop – Christ Is the Answer Ministries (CITAM)

In A Song in the Night, Michael Wambugu draws from his rich biblical and contemporary knowledge very valuable lessons and experiences that should guide anyone who is struggling to keep hope alive because of what they are going through. If that is you, or you want to help someone who is in such a situation, I highly recommend this book.

Hon. Justice Daniel Musinga,

President, Court of Appeal, Kenya.

A Song in the Night brings to the reader a message of hope. The author has tackled the personal challenges we face during difficult times in a very transparent and wise way, giving hope and assurance that despite the nights we go through, God accomplishes for us a glorious restoration.
Rev. Ambrose Nyangao
Senior Pastor, Parklands Baptist Church

This is a well-thought-out book loaded with great Kingdom principles that address what happens when life catches you on the blind side. When your hopes and dreams are shattered by unfortunate circumstances. When you feel betrayed by those you trust. When you are diagnosed with a terminal sickness or the jaws of death unexpectedly snatch the life of a loved one. When you have come to an end with nowhere to turn. This book gives one the assurance that God can give you – a song in the night; hope where there is despair and a new lease of life when you are down and out. It will speak to your heart and soul and inspire hope during the dark moments in life. Read it and recommend it to your family and friends. It could be the very message you and they need to hear at a time like this in your lives.
Rev. Boniface G. Gitau
Vessel of Honor Intl. Ministries
Cincinnati, Ohio – USA

Emotional pain, which is addressed in this book, is a subject that is often avoided or treated lightly among believers. In many ways, we are taught to hide or even outrightly deny our emotional pain. Even among ministers of the gospel, we are often poorly prepared to deal with this issue. Emotional pain often has a lot of stigma associated with it. It is worse when the pain leads to depression. People shut down because they fear being labelled as faithless, sinful or unstable. Others shut down because they are not aware that the Bible clearly provides a solution, and hope in their situation.
A Song in the Night addresses this neglected subject in a very practical and personal way. The author takes a broad approach that does not limit itself to only one type or source of emotional pain. He follows an approach that many people can relate to. Significantly, the book consistently speaks to both the person with emotional pain and to the person who encounters such a person. This book is not just about how to deal with your personal emotional pain; it equips you to help those dealing with emotional pain.
Rev. Peterson Rukenya
Senior Pastor, Gracehill Mission Church
Author, In Pursuit of a Dream and Mending the Broken Chain

A Song in the Night is a powerful masterpiece that encourages the reader to keep hope alive and focus on God no matter what season they are going through. Michael Wambugu has used the authority of the Scripture, powerful illustrations, personal stories, testimonies and first-hand witness accounts to profoundly reveal that even in the darkest hour, one can still find hope in God.
The book is written in an easy to understand conversational style. The author has excelled in using Biblical accounts as powerful metaphors that help the reader engage in theological reflections especially when trying to make sense of difficult seasons of life. I hope and pray that every reader will turn the last page feeling spiritually edified, nourished and reassured of the indwelling presence of a loving God who delights in forgiving, restoring and dealing graciously with His children.
Rev. Victor K. Muriithi
Founder, Living Word Apostolic Ministries, LWAM (UK)

This amazingly written book is made up of wise stuff. It offers resonance that lingers in our hearts and minds when the storms hit. It offers hope in knowing that God is still a very present help in times of need and is willing to help us navigate the ups and downs of life.
I highly recommend this book to be your practical companion during that inevitable dark hour. It will give you a deep Christian perspective to help you draw strength, calm your soul and help you to flourish through the challenging times. Whatever it is you may be going through – stress, anxiety, hopelessness, rejection, loneliness, a broken heart, lack of confidence, failure, betrayal or grief – you will find great comfort and encouragement from this book.
Anne Jackson
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

This book will open your eyes to the various perspectives of suffering, struggle, pain, forgiveness, hurt, injustice, rejection, abuse, justly or unjustly condemned. A Song in the Night allows us to work through our pain using the pain of others – who found themselves in worse situations – as a ladder of hope. Further, this book allows us to see the end of our struggle if we remain steadfast and do not give up. If our intentions remain pure, the pain is worth the peace, the blessing, the progress and eventually the joy our song brings to others in the fullness of time.
Allan Bukusi
Chair, Daystar University Academic Council Committee
Author, Thinking Leadership in Africa

The constant reminder of divine presence ministers peace and hope even in the most harassing situations, like the one of Job in the Bible. A Song in the Night will help see yourself and what you are going through, and also help you see God’s plan for your life. You will not be swallowed up in your struggles. You will come through stronger, declaring the praises of God.
I highly commend this book to all, and more so to Christian leaders who are involved in pastoral care.
Bishop Njiiri Kagunda
Gospel Outreach Church, Kirinyaga


Blamed For Your Trouble: Most Painful Experiences Is To Be Blamed For Your Trouble

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