Atwoli Wants Azimio Leaders Who Stole Galana Kulalu Land Revealed

Atwoli Wants Azimio Leaders Who Stole Galana Kulalu Land Revealed
Atwoli Wants Azimio Leaders Who Stole Galana Kulalu Land Revealed

Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli now wants Azimio Leaders who stole Galana Kulalau lands exposed. While addressing a function on Thursday, Atwoli asked the current regime to make public those who shared among themselves the Galana Kulalu land.

The Cotu boss at the same time asked the state to go after those who looted public coffers so that Kenyans can know them.

“I heard Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua saying that some people who were in Azimio with me went to Galana and shared land among themselves,” Atwoli said.

He added, “Some people also went home with government money. I would want them to make their names public. Even if they are not taken to court, let us know that there were corrupt people on our side.”

Atwoli, who owns a home in Kilifi, said it was prudent for the corrupt to be exposed saying naming them would vindicate many like him who acquired their properties legally.

“Galana is in Kilifi, and I want that when people see me there, they cannot say that I am among those who took the land,” he said.

“Name those who were in shady deals and were claiming to be supporting Raila and former President Uhuru Kenyatta.”

Gachagua in an interview with Inooro TV accused some Azimio leaders of subdividing the Galana Kulalu land among themselves.



President William Ruto has revoked the intended subdivision of the Glana Kulalu irrigation project.

In a statement on Tuesday, the head of state said the 10,000 acres will instead be worked on to produce maize, beginning February 2023.

“After extensive tour, with county/Gok leaders, of Galana/Kulalu national food security project today, I direct as follows: the planned subdivision into settlement parcels is revoked/canceled: private/Gok(NIA) PPP to work on the ready 10,000 to produce starting with maize in February,” Ruto said.

He said the land will be used to prepare for maize production under the Public-Private-Partnership in the next six months.

During this period, the government will construct a dam to help with the irrigation of more land, the President directed.

“The next 10,000 acres be prepared for production in 6 months under PPP: GoK to construct a dam beginning April to bring another 350,000 acres under production: Gok to work out a model for PPP food production in the 350k acres to be ready in 6 months. All actors are to execute timeously.”

The Galana Kulalu Irrigation project The Galana Kulalu Project is a US$5,267,000,000 project by the government of Kenya in partnership with the private sector aimed at providing Food Security.

The National Irrigation Authority is the implementing agency.

The project has been facing challenges since its inception.



Atwoli Wants Azimio Leaders Who Stole Galana Kulalu Land Revealed

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