Wilfred Mwiti Media Address on The Kenya Airlift Program Goodies at Kisii

Wilfred Mwiti Media Address on The Kenya Airlift Program Goodies at Kisii
Wilfred Mwiti Media Address on The Kenya Airlift Program Goodies at Kisii

In the recent past, The Kenya Airlift Program has been gaining traction and recognition even beyond Kenyan borders. The good news about the program have been spreading like wildfire with most graduates yearning to quench their thirst for quality international education, and a comfortable, fulfilling life through this golden opportunity.

Last weekend, Residents of Kisii were treated to a rare occurrence of a one-on-one interaction with Wilfred Mwiti, who was the program’s guinea pig and is now the senior business development manager of the program. The event was characterized by an heroic welcome, massive attendance, great entertainment and untold fun as the residents greatly embraced the program.

The many youths present in the event lauded their MCA Hon Stephen Arika for being behind the noble course of organizing and bringing along leaders together for the event to enlighten them on the lifechanging program.

Wilfred passionately narrated his journey through the program to the keen prospective students and responded satisfactorily to their queries and later gave a press address on the goodies the program offers.

This video provides more insights on the same

YouTube video

To learn more about this program please visit www.kenyaairliftprogram.com

The KENYA Airlift Program (KAP) is an award-winning initiative that helps brilliant Kenyan students achieve the dream of studying in the US regardless of their financial background.

We only accommodate ambitious, and incredibly talented Kenyans who are willing to take a leap of faith in joining the tech industry by studying STEM or business-related master’s programs. One can join us with ANY undergraduate degree major.

The KENYA Airlift Program was founded in late 2018 by Bob Mwiti and Hon DMK Kiogora. The organization helps brilliant Kenyan students achieve the dreams of studying in the North America regardless of the students’ financial background. This mission is achieved through Key partnership with MPOWER Financing as the official lending partner for unsecured student loans that cover both tuition and living expenses, partnership with Universities in North America where the organization negotiates tuition fee waivers, and partnership with The Airlift Sacco to help finance student’s relocation expenses-https://www.kenyaairliftprogram.com/


How Much One Needs To Join The Kenya Airlift Program


Wilfred Mwiti Media Address on The Kenya Airlift Program Goodies at Kisii

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