Joy Aoko: Kenyan Diaspora who was brutally attacked in Albania Dies

Joy Aoko: Kenyan Diaspora who was brutally attacked in Albania Dies
Joy Aoko: Kenyan Diaspora who was brutally attacked in Albania Dies

Messages of condolences following the death of Joyce Achieng Aoko continue to pour as diasporans mourn one of their own, who left the country in search of greener pastures, only to be felled by a brutal attack on Albania.

They’re asking the Kenyan government to demand swift justice from the Albanian government and ensure her attackers are arrested and held accountable.

Joy, as she was popularly known, captured the diaspora’s attention after news after news about her August 2022 attack spread around the diaspora. Her plight brought together Kenyans worldwide who raised money to cover her medical costs.

The effort failed to raise enough funds to afford her specialized care in Europe, but the Kenyan government stepped in and transported her to Kenya for care at Kenyatta University Hospital. She died three weeks later, on Monday, February 13, 2022.

Statement From Lavi Atkins, A Good Samaritan Joy’s Mother Described As An Angel For Her Selfless Support To Her Daughter.

While hospitalized in Albania, Joy Aoko was always under the loving care of her mother Ruth Abong’o and Lavi Atkins. | Photo courtesy of Lavi Atkins
Joy Aoko Achieng died this morning (Monday, Feb.13, 2023)

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of Joy. That beautiful 22-year-old Kenyan girl was attacked in Albania in August.

Joy was a young lady who defied the odds and fought bravely for her life. Her battle for life erased tribal lines and united Kenyans worldwide in a quest to find her the best medical help in Europe. She never gave up. We never gave up.

Albanians and ex-pats in Albania joined this quest wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, it was not to be, and Joy and her mum, Ruth Abong’o, traveled to Kenya on 23rd January.

Joy continued her fight for life for three more weeks but left us this morning. It was a long hard road, especially for her mother, Ruth. She showed extraordinary courage in the face of adversity, caring for Joy in the hospital in Albania.

It does not seem so long ago that I met Joy for the first time in an Albanian hospital. My heart breaks, not just for myself and her family but for everyone who stood with Joy and us, never wavering in their support.

It is so sad and so unfair, but life never is. When Joy left Albania, we missed her, but we were hopeful that in this life, we would get to hear her voice, watch her walk, and talk.

Kenyans React To Joy’s Death, And Demand Answers

“These Things Are Happening To Kenyans All Over, It Used To Be Just Saudi Arabia, But Now We See Albania And So Far No Action Has Been Taken. She Was Brutally Murdered, It Could Happen To Any Of Us Out Here, We Need To Do Something More Than Just Calling In The Government To Talk To Albania,” Samuel, A Kenyan In The US.
Kenyans worldwide have reacted with sadness at the news of Joy’s death. He plight and circumstances of her situation captivated Kenyans’ imagination and many rallied to assist and hoped she’d beat the odds and live to tell who assaulted her.

“I’m really sad, I feel as if I lost a little sister. She was so young and beautiful and from what I’ve heard she was a great daughter, full of life and with a kind heart,” Njeri Wa-Waciuri, a California resident said. “We’ll put her family in our prayers.”

Our diaspora leaders need to mobilize action so we can pressure the Albanian government to fully investigate this matter, Samuel, who requested we only use his first name said.

“These things are happening to Kenyans all over, it used to be just Saudi Arabia, but now we see Albania and so far no action has been taken,” Samuel said. “She was brutally murdered, it could happen to any of us out here, we need to do something more than just calling in the government to talk to Albania.”

Incidents of Kenyans getting killed in Saudi Arabia and Middle Eastern countries have dominated the news, but this is the first incident widely known of a Kenyan getting killed in Albania.

“I hope Kenyans all over the world will do more and send a message to these governments that we’re human beings who are entitled to the same protection as their citizens,” Samuel said. “We should protest in all the Albanian embassies, until they arrest the person who killed Joy.”


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Joy Aoko: Kenyan Diaspora who was brutally attacked in Albania Dies

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