Mwanyagetinge: Largest Organised Kenyan Group in Minnesota USA

Mwanyagetinge: Largest Organised Kenyan Group in Minnesota USA
Mwanyagetinge: Largest Organised Kenyan Group in Minnesota USA. PHOTO/COURTESY

Mwanyagetinge is the largest organised group of Kenyans in Minnesota, USA, serving as a resource centre for immigrants.

The community helps its members to identify opportunities in the United States through training, job placement, advocacy, and wealth creation.

Established in the mid-80s as many Kenyans began moving to the United States, the community is now the oldest immigrant group formed in Minnesota.

Moreover, from over 20,000 Kenyans in Minnesota, the community draws many of its members from the Kisii community, who were also its first official members.

The organised group had in place structures including a defined leadership structure and a commission that is in charge of running its electoral processes.

Roselidah Nyaberi, the current president of Mwanyagetinge won 62% of votes in the community’s latest elections in February 18, 2023.

A president serves for a two-year term and can then be reelected to serve a second term or step down for another person to take over.

Mwanyagetinge conducts its voting electronically using an e-ballot, after spirited online debates and social media campaigns.

The community also holds different events including an annual family picnic where members of the organisation meet for fun including games, different meals, and networking.

Many of the members of Mwanyagetinge moved to the US while still young with their families and had since intermarried with other communities abroad.

One notably outstanding member of the community is Huldah Momanyi who vied for the Senatorial seat in the parliament of Minnesota in the November 2022 elections with hopes of becoming the first black woman in the senate after more than 20 years.

Momanyi is the former Mwanyagetinge president and a recipient of the Morrill Hall and Rachel Tilsen Social Justice Award for her commitment to social and restorative justice.




Mwanyagetinge: Largest Organised Kenyan Group in Minnesota USA

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