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God’s Word on Kenya: Prophecy on Kenya fulfilled

Prophecy on Kenya fulfilled

The message below was posted in this website in January when Kenya was going through rough time. Bishop Muchiri had prophesied that calm was coming to Kenya. At that that, it did not seem likely but it happened and Kenya is peaceful today thus prophecy fulfilled.
God’s Word on Kenya

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God’s Word on Kenya
By Bishop Dr. Douglas Muchiri

Bishop Dr. Douglas Muchiri

This is the word I got today on Sunday January 6th, 2008 concerning the situation in Kenya. I got the word while at a Prayer for Kenya in Columbus, OH. With encouragement from those present, I am putting the word in writing so that many other Kenyans would get the opportunity to hear the same. The message is not edited or polished but it is as rough as I delivered it. In addition, like every word, you are welcome to test and see if it is from the Lord. If it is not, then discard it. However, if it is from the Lord then may we heed to it with great repentance and humility to God. Thank you.

The first thing I saw was that there was peace in Kenya. For the sake of peace, and in the name of God, Hon. Raila choose to accept President Kibaki as President of Kenya and then there was peace in the land.

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I also saw that what had happened in Kenya was God Awakening Kenyans to Arise, Repent and Surrender their lives and Kenya back to God.

In 2002 when Kibaki was elected president, God had anointed Kibaki to be President even though he was disabled from a road accident. In a prophetic sense, Kibaki’s being crippled signified the state in which the country was in, and so God choose Kibaki to restore the country of Kenya just as God was restoring Kibaki back to health.

And indeed God restored the country to greater prosperity but Kibaki forgot that it was God who was doing all this and not the hand of man. Therefore, in a bid to wake up Kibaki and the Kenyans to this reality, God allowed the mysterious tragedy and deaths to befall members of Kibakis parliament. This shook the country and Kibaki headed to the word of God and called for a national day of prayer in which all Kenyans humbled themselves and repented in prayer; then there was peace.

Unfortunately, though, Kibaki and the Kenyans forgot that the hand of God was upon the nation and so when Kibaki sought a second term as president, he campaigned based on what he had done instead of what God had done for Kenya. No wonder then that he chose the theme ‘kazi iendelee’. Whereas there is nothing wrong in advocating for more development and prosperity, yet God was nowhere in the picture. Infact, when Kibaki launched PNU he advised everyone to campaign for him based on what ‘he had done’ for Kenya.

God saw the pride and arrogance in Kibaki and so raised up Raila as His servant to shake up Kibaki and the country at large. God’s hand being upon Raila, most people begun to embrace Raila including church leaders who even anointed Raila in confirmation that God’s hand was upon him. As a result, Raila’s fame and popularity spread like wildfire all over Kenya and even the nations supported Raila when they saw the dynamic change agent he was.

However, as Raila’s influence grew, millions of Kenyans begun looking up to Raila as ‘Joshua’ who would now save them economically and bring paradise into their lives. It is also unfortunate that when Raila saw the great influence he was getting, he like Kibaki, failed to acknowledge the hand of God in him and so rather than point the people to God, he took God’s glory and so God was disappointed with Raila.

Granted that almost everyone was now blinded by what they saw physically in either Kibaki or Raila, Kenyans went to vote without caring to consult earnestly with God. The sad part too was that the church also allowed herself to be caught up in the worldly politics and in so doing lost her voice to the people. For this reason, the clergy cannot speak without being treated with suspicion.

In order to save Kenya, God looked for a man He could use and he found a God fearing Servant in the person of Samuel Kivuitu. Mr Kivuitu was only appointed to his position as Chairman of the Electoral Commission by the hand of God. In other words, Kivuitu was not Kibaki’s preferred choice but instead it was God’s hand that intervened thus effecting his appointment. The whole world applauded this act of God.

The only sad thing was that Kivuitu did not even know that God had indeed set him up and even to this day, Kivutu does not understand what happened to him when he declared the presidential results. Only God knows because the answer is not physical but spiritual. God supernaturally intervened and allowed Kivuitu to declare Kibaki the winner in order that He may bring all Kenyans to a greater realization that Kenya belongs to God and only God must reign supreme in Kenya not Raila or Kibaki.

With the results showing Raila leading, Kibaki was greatly broken hearted. God further humbled Kibaki by getting rid of his cabinet ministers. But again it was this humbling and brokenness allowed Kibaki to quickly surrender and call unto God.

On the other side, most of Raila’s followers had completely lost focus on God and had already shifted all their allegiance to Raila to the point of worshipping Raila. On his part, Raila’s ego became too egotistical leaving no place for God to use Him. It was then that God preferred the already humbled Kibaki to the proud Raila and that is why Kivuitu announced that Kibaki is President. In the natural, this remains a puzzle to everyone.

Before the elections, almost all Kenyans had invested alot in prayer and so God answered their prayers thus. Not as they expected but according to His divine wisdom. God’s answer further heavily chastised Kenyans for forsaking God and building their hopes in man. Thus, God’s answer gave Kenyans an opportunity for humility and a chance to call upon God in repentance. For this reason, Kenya’s peace and justice lies not with foreign or international mediators but with Kenyans themselves who have to humble themselves and call upon God to intervene as in all other times in their history.

Concerning the tribal divide, I saw that it was only being exaggerated because deep in their hearts, Kenyans loved each other irregardless of their different tribes or ethnic orientation. I also saw that deep down in the Kenyans; they knew too well that only Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. Moreover, with the death of their loved ones, neighbors and friends, Kenyans have already begun seeking God’s intervention in prayer. That is why the devil is defeated and cannot do any more harm to Kenya. Indeed Kenyans have stopped looking unto Kibaki or Raila for Peace.

Once Kenyans realize their folly and return to God, God will grant then supernatural peace and unprecedented holistic abundance: returning to them what the enemy stole from them. So let everyone look unto God upon whom lies the hope, peace and prosperity of/for Kenya. Amen and Amen.

Bishop Dr. Douglas P. Muchiri
Senior Pastor: Life-Net Christian Fellowship ;
President: All Saints Church Alliance (ASCA)
P. O. Box 256 Urbana, OH 43078
Tel.: [937]-465-0530

“If I shut the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people and my people who are called by my name humble themselves ad pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land” 2Chronicles 7:12-14

“Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord” Zechariah 4:6

31 Prophecy Highlights for Kenya 2007-2012!

~The Prophetic Ministry of Dr.Thomas Manton IV~
1. The Upcoming Presidential Elections: ‘President Mwai Kibaki will be re-elected as Kenya’s President on December 27, 2007. My Hand is upon him to produce continued development and reformation in Kenya over the next five years, says the Lord!
2. Parliament: Changes are coming in your Parliament.
3. Crime and Law Enforcement: I will arrange a great increase in law enforcement in your nation beginning in this next season. Crime will be dealt with severely; and it will decrease greatly and even be eradicated in certain sectors in the coming season!
4. Conflicts, Violence and Unrest: I saw three Visions of clashes: 1) The first conflict I saw was involving the Mungiki. I saw men in military uniforms going in against these criminals to foil them. This happened swiftly thereafter. 2) I saw tribal-clashes. 3) I saw a horrible scene of social unrest ~ resulting in violence and rioting in the streets. I then saw your military and police going out forcefully to stop those causing these violent eruptions.
5. Airport and Airline Growth and Expansions: Expansions will happen at Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi. At least twenty new airlines will be transiting through Nairobi’s international airport in time to come! A new airport terminal will be built in Ukunda; and air travel will commence to there from Nairobi; making the south-coast more accessible!
6. The Super-Development of Nairobi: Nairobi will become a world-class, cosmopolitan, and very developed and advanced city!
7. Kenya: A Cosmopolitan Society’ I will develop Kenya in technologies, international trade, and in international business dealings! I will raise Kenya to become a cosmopolitan society, and the world will notice!
8. Development of several other Kenyan Cities: Several other cities and regions across Kenya will be developed greatly in upcoming seasons. It will be absolutely amazing to see this in motion; and especially to see all the phenomenal growth and development in these cities after they are done!
9. Tourism: Kenya’s tourism will even yet ‘double’ again! Kenya’s tourism ‘doubled’ over the past five years since God said through us on December 13, 2002 that your tourism industry will increase greatly! That was just the beginning of the ‘tourism-explosion’ in Kenya!
10. ODM: In the first week of March 2007, God said that the ODM ‘opposition-party,’ would be put into derision, and that they would be ‘split-up.’ Some weeks later, reports hit the national headlines that Kenyatta was leaving; Raila would have his own ODM; and Kilonzo would head his own ODM-Kenya.
11. Embarrassment in Raila Camp: ‘Some things will come out from behind the scenes in October and November, 2007 that will ‘discredit’ Mr. Raila in the eyes of many. He will not rise again fully in his ‘popularity’ after this, says the Lord!’
12. Election Polls: The tide of the election-polls will turn; and the two front-running candidates will come to an ‘even-point!’ Then, the Election will go the way God has ordained!
13. Ousting from the President’s Cabinet: On May 29, 2007, God said that ‘a couple’ of leaders from within the President’s Cabinet would be ousted because of their defection within the ranks.
14. The Church: In the Church, God will now draw a ‘Dividing-Line.’ He will separate the true from the false; the pure from the profane; and those serving-themselves from those truly serving-God.
15. True Holy Spirit Revival: A great and miraculous Holy Spirit revival will commence in an upcoming season in Kenya! But first, the Church must be cleansed and prepared for this glorious revival now in this current season.
16. Financial Blessing: The very night I arrived in Nairobi on this, my 2007 tour, I had a powerful visitation from the Lord in my hotel suite. In this Prophetic Visitation, the Lord told me of several things He would now release upon Kenya! The first thing He said was amazing! He said: ‘I will now pour an avalanche of My Glory into the Christian Business Community here in Kenya!’ He will now raise up many Entrepreneurs; and He will bless them in business so they can become great Gospel Financiers!
17. Economic Statuses: Many people that are in the lower-class economically will begin to rise now through new opportunities and through their own newly-increased productivities. Many will rise out of this low-estate and begin to enter the middle-class, says the Lord! I will also take many in the middle-class economically up and out into a higher status. Many will become wealthy from the understanding I will bring through My servants on how to rise economically through My own Biblical Economic System. People have been kept ignorant too long! It is time now for the Kenyan people to rise financially!
18. Young Generation: I am going to raise up the young generation; and I will have many of them become great and wise leaders in their coming day. They will rise to become great champions ~filled with My Wisdom!
19. Spirit of Wisdom: ‘I will pour out My Spirit of Wisdom upon the African continent in new ways! The Spirit of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding will enlighten people on how best to do things more progressively and better in every way. Great Productivity will obviously follow!
20. African Advancement: ‘I will work to get this ‘stigma’ off of Africa that makes people around the world consider Africa to be behind in everything!
21. Increases in the Department of Justice: .In the first week of March 2007, God said that He will move in your Department of Justice. Then, some days later, President Kibaki tripled the number of your Judges from sixty-something judges to over two-hundred!
22. ‘Prince’ of Koinange Street Foiled!: On Monday Night, April 2, 2007, as I was conducting Prophetic Explosion Meetings on Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi, the Glory of the Lord visited us; and He declared that night that He was destroying the footprints of that demonic-principality of Koinange Street, once and for all! The Holy Spirit and I broke that demon-prince’s back that Night! God’s Presence was still very tangible out in the streets all over that area the next day as we arrived to conduct our next Meetings there! Next, a group of the ‘Business-Owners of Koinange Street’ got together for a Rally declaring that they need a clean and safe ‘business-district’ there; instead of a ‘red-light’ district! Then, a few days after that, the Nairobi Police were sent in to begin to ‘clean-up’ those streets! Hallelujah!
23. Excellence in Music: ‘I will raise up and perfect into excellence the sounds of music and the sounds of worship and praise in Kenya. I am releasing My grace and gifting for this in your people. However, I am not guaranteeing you results! You will have to work for those results that you want in the perfection of your ‘sound.’ If you can truly cultivate My excellence in your music, then I will even have it exported to the world, says the Lord. Remember Hillsong!
24. Miracle in your Wheat-Industry: In May, 2007, the Lord said to me while I was ministering in Nairobi that another tremendous agricultural ‘miracle’ will happen in Kenya’s wheat-industry! After I prophesied this, it came out in your media-headlines that there was now virtually no wheat in your nation! The Lord had me prophesy that this coming ‘miracle’ in wheat-growing and production would be so vast, that Kenya would not be able to consume it all and will have to export it! My God!
25. War against Poverty: Kenya’s economic structures and statuses will continue to rise in and amongst the peoples of Kenya. I will have My true remnant within My Church attack the spirits of poverty! Heretofore, My Church has not known how to attack these things. They have just left it all there in their ignorances. But now, I will raise up My warriors and vessels to attack these evils and bring them down! And Prosperity will begin to blanket this society in new ways, as you all flow with Me and My plans of action, says the Lord!
26. Understanding Biblical Economics: ‘In My Church, My people will begin to learn and understand My Kingdom laws and My laws of Biblical Economics. They will learn them, and begin to operate in them, and get tremendously blessed by Me, says the Lord!
27. Victory over Religious-devils and Religious-ministries: No ‘religious-devils’ or ‘religious-ministries’ will be able to stop My flow this time, says the Holy Ghost! Oh, many will cry-out erroneously in their ignorance that they do not want My move or how I perform it. They will even criticize My movements. How sad for them! Some foolish ones will even attempt to persecute what I am doing. But nevertheless, I will have My blessed Way! And hear this! Those foolish ones who persecute what I am doing will in turn be persecuted by Me! I will turn against them and persecute them and they will put down and become as nothing. I will take My Hand off them; and the sign of ‘Ichabod’ shall be written over their houses, and My Glory will depart from them, says the Lord! They will even try to continue with their ministries and their churches after this, of course, but all things concerning them will eventually flop and collapse! And I will take many of My precious people out from those places of death where there is no current revelation or redemptive Word.
28. My People will come out of Bondage: ‘I will bring My people out of bondage and captivity and out from those places. And I will bring them into My habitations where they will begin to learn of Me, and learn of My good Word. They will learn My Truth and about My Kingdom. They will learn My plans and patterns and how I work! And as they get acquainted with Me more and more, I will begin to bless them in ways and measures greater than they have ever seen in their entire life-time, says the Lord!’
29. Mass-Exoduses from the Houses of Bondage: There will be mass-exoduses and the movement of My peoples’ feet out of the houses of bondage into the places where My Glory and anointings rest, rule and abide! I will loose My people, and I will free them! I will command that they be let go from every foul-spirit that keeps them tied to one-place when it is not My Will for them to remain there. I will bring them into the promised-land and that is even here in this land, says the Lord! I will erect new tabernacles as My habitations for multitudes of My people to come in and flourish in My courts, says the Lord your God! So be it!
30. Increase of your Police-Forces and Military-Forces: ‘I will increase and systematically advance and improve your Police-Forces and your Military-Forces in Kenya, says the Lord! They will progressively become stronger and more organized. And crime will be hit very hard, and will go down!
31. Corruption will begin to be known as a thing of the past by the year 2010: ‘I will destroy your systems of corruption from their roots over the next several years as I have already spoken, says the Lord. Corruption will begin to be known as a thing of the past in Kenya by the year 2010! I will cause your entire society to rise up against it. Things are already in-motion behind the scenes; and I will expose corruption and bring it out and judge it and deal with it severely, says the Lord!

Tireless peace crusader who caught the President’s eye

Mrs Lucy Kirui is escorted by women after she was presented with the Head of State Commendation medal by the Kipkelion DC. Photo/ SOLLO KIRAGU

When Lucy Kirui decided to give a helping hand to victims of post-election violence, little did she know that soon after the violence had subsided and calm returned, she would enter the history books by becoming the first woman from Kipkelion District to earn the Head of State Commendation.
Her humanitarian efforts helped bring hope and joy to thousands of women, children and old people fleeing the violence-torn district.
Even as marauding youths were evicting their neighbours, Ms Kirui stood firm and offered refugee to the displaced families. She was so touched by the plight of the fleeing victims that she opened up a camp (Bethel Home) — now seven months old —as the peace process by the Government to return them to their farms took its course.
At a ceremony in which she received the medal from district commissioner Aden Harakhe in his office, Mrs Kirui said she would dedicate the medal to all women in the country. “I’m extremely happy that at least somebody has recognised the efforts of women to restore peace. I sincerely thank President Mwai Kibaki for bestowing me with such a big honour,” said Mrs Kirui.
Mr Harakhe described her as a woman of great faith who should be emulated by all residents of Kipkelion for restoring. “The fact that she was in the forefront of restoring peace in Kipkelion is enough recognition and her medal is a big win for peace in the district,” said the DC. He said her skills helped to cool the tempers and tension that engulfed the district.
Mrs Kirui described the medal as a new light which had shown all over the district. “It’s my hope that many more women will follow suit and play their role as peace makers,” she said.
However, she lamented that for a long time women in her community had largely been marginalised. But said with her recognition, things will never be the same again.
Mrs Kirui also thanked the men in the district for allowing their wives to attend Maendeleo ya Wanawake meetings where peace meetings were taking place.
Her decision to start a home to help the people attacked by their neighbours soon after the controversial presidential elections results were announced earned her respect both by her community and by people perceived to be outsiders living in the district.
Women in her community are usually not involved in major decision making, but her move to spearhead a campaign to resettle the victims on their farms will remain a landmark decision for years to come.
Mrs Kirui said Bethel Home was started after she sold the idea to several women also touched by the plight of the fleeing victims.
During her talks with fellow women , she emphasised the need to live in harmony with neighbours who had been area residents for many years.
Source-The Nation

Kenya native seeking to save kids, build leaders

By Faribault Daily News

Writer- Pauline Schreiber

Soloman Kimuyu, a Baptist minister, visited the George and Arna Farmer family Monday in Faribault. He is a Kenya native who is working to create the “Solomon Home for Children” to take care of 3,000 orphans. (Pauline Schreiber/Daily News)

FARIBAULT — A Kenya native, gathering financial support for his dream of building a home for neglected and abused children in his home country, made a stop in Faribault on Monday.

Solomon Kimuyu, a Baptist minister who has lived in the United States for more than 30 years, returned to his native country two years ago to begin a campaign to run for parliament. Elections were in December. He lost his bid and was in Kenya during the violence that surrounded the general election.

“I was traumatized, distressed and in shock by the events that were happening around me,” Kimuyu said.

More than 1,000 people died in the violence and 350,000 people have been displaced.

“There is no federal aid like there is here, so it is very difficult for those who have been displaced,” he said.

Kimuyu is set on trying again for a seat in Kenya’s parliament in 2012.

“Changing laws, to make just laws, can only be done by being part of the Kenya political process,” he said Monday while visiting George and Arna Farmer of Faribault.

Lila Farmer, George’s sister, is working to help Kimuyu’s efforts to find donations for his “Solomon Home for Children.” Since they were near Faribault on their travels, they stopped to visit George and Arna.

The children’s home Kimuyu is building is being built in rural Kenya, near the area in which President Theodore Roosevelt went on safari in 1909 and later wrote the book, “African Game Trails.”

“Part of my efforts also is a leadership school to help people of my country become leaders so that positive changes occur in Kenya,” Kimuyu said.

Kenya’s government statistics indicate that during the past five years the poverty level in the country fell from 56 percent to 46 percent. Yet his native country is still very poverty stricken. In comparison, the United States 2006 poverty rate was 12.3 percent.

And, he said, many Kenyans lack clean drinking water or basic food and shelter and have little access to health care.

Kimuy has pledged to support 3,000 Kenyan orphans at his children’s home. He believes everyone needs to be involved in the political process of the country they live in. Too many Americans, he said, do not pay attention to politics.

“It’s important Americans vote and important they know who they are voting for and what politicians stand for,” Kimuyu said. “The wrong leadership in this country can effect American’s foreign policy and world peace.”

— Staff writer Pauline Schreiber may be reached at ps********@fa*******.com


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