An Evening with Hon. Martha Karua in Baltimore, Maryland



2012 Presidential candidate, Martha Karua will be in Baltimore Maryland on Saturday, June 25th 2011

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  1. Henry Ikatukhu Mpapale says

    mkaribisheni kanditeti wetu wa kige. we want a real change. Perharps a femini change would be the best.

  2. Peter says

    If Kenya was run by a woman that we must well say bye to kikuyu race

  3. Pete says

    Gutiri hidi gikuyu gikanegera mutumiya giti no aga rika riya .com

  4. Kenyan says

    we need tough kenyans like Martha Karua irespective of her gender or tribe , lets all be Kenyans not kikuyus or luos I think we outside kenya shud know better not to be tribalistic we are one Kenyan community

  5. Kenyan says

    Martha represents real change. I am tired of more of the same.

  6. tingley says

    Martha anakuja kutembelea wakikuyu. Endeni muongee kikuyu huko.

  7. joe says

    Is she coming with Wamugunda.Yeah, she looks better now after the teeth and the eyes ‘zilifanyiwa ukarabati’

  8. Mutongori says

    Let her know when she come that the era of Wangu wa Makeri is long gone and shall never come again ‘milele na milele amina’

  9. Njamba says

    Remind her that even in USA,a divorcee have very little chance if any of being elected to the highest office.

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