The date for the planned peaceful demonstration  in Washington DC at the Kenya Embassy has now been changed from Tuesday July 26th to Friday July 29th 2011.


Message from the organizers:

We encourage you to join fellow Kenyans so that “we the people” can speak truth to power in one voice! 

Venue:       The Kenyan Embassy: 2249 R Street Northwest
Washington DC, 20008-4028
Date:           Friday 29th July 2011, 1:00pm

The meeting is to register our protest to the continued refusal by Members of Kenyan Parliament to pay their taxes. As we appreciate the VP, PM and President paying their taxes, it is with great concern that Kenyans have noted the MPs unrelenting stubbornness, arrogance and total disregard of the welfare of fellow citizens. As they continue to allocate themselves from the coffers, it is only fair that they pay all their back taxes to enable the government to provide most needed services to citizens. Other key issues such as corruption, insecurity, and drugs will be addressed.
Scores of Kenyan patriots will attend. The leading Presidential aspirant from the Diaspora, Mr. Isaac Newton Kinity and candidate for Governor of Virginia, Mr. Thomas Nyambok will share with fellow Kenyans their wisdom and strategies of citizens holding government accountable.
By metro train: Get off at Dupont Circle towards R Street.
Invited Organizations:
KCA, Kenya for Change, DMK, NARC-K-USA ,KGU, KDNC,KCFA, American Friends of Kenya,  Delaware Kenya Association, Association of Kenyan Professionals in Atlanta, Kenya Pastors NE Association, Kenya Welfare Association, Kenyan Americans Community Organization, United Kenyans of Chicago, United African Organization, Kenyan American Society, Oklahoma Kenyan Community,  USA-Kenya Chamber of Commerce, KIC, Kenya Congress in the Diaspora, The Voice of Diaspora.
Dan Mbuthia, MBA, BA, CPA
Director, Congress of Africa/ Congrès Afrique
Email: dmbuthia@rocketmail.com

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