The illustrated Kiswahili/English Dictionary


The  bilingual dictionary is one of its kinds and was recently launched in Nairobi in an auspicious ceremony. It is a work of translation meant for English /Kiswahili speakers who want to get the proper Kiswahili vocabulary ranging from salutation, vegetation, diseases to names of animals and professions. It also targets students in both local and international systems of education and tourists as well.

The user will find the lay out user friendly as it is topic based with Kiswahili words written in bold black and translations in color. The colorful illustrations and English translation offers a quick recognition of the words. The reader will be delighted to find a guide to pronunciation, simple explanation on use of pronoun and nouns   and a list of extra words.
This dictionary was first published in 2011; copyright Annie Luvai and Anne Gichohi.
This colorful dictionary is a culmination of the work done in partnership between two highly qualified teachers, Mrs. Annie Luvai and Anne Gichohi. The two ladies have between them many years of valuable teaching experience in Local and international systems. They both are currently working in reputable international schools in Nairobi. 
This valuable dictionary will be of help to many Kenyans abroad, tourists and all lovers of Kiswahili.


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