Mau Mau Freedom fighter Wambui Otieno dies

Mau Mau Freedom fighter Wambui Otieno dies

Former Mau Mau freedom fighter Wambui Otieno Mbugua was on Tuesday evening confirmed dead.

Wambui was famed for her controversial marriage to a man 42 years her junior Peter Mbugua in the year 2003.

In February this year, Wambui and her 36 year old sweetheart Mbugua went to church to solemnize their earlier vows taken, an event which had been planned for earlier, but Wambui’s illness had often stood in the way.

According to preliminary reports, the 75 year old had been suffering a long illness and was admitted to the Nairobi hospital in mid July where she succumbed to her illness.

Wambui had suffered heart failure previously and was relying on a pacemaker, an electronic gadget implanted to function as the heart does.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga is said to have visited the Nairobi Hospital to view the body of the deceased freedom fighter shortly after her death.

Wambui rise to fame occurred in 1986 following the death of her husband and then prominent lawyer S.M. Otieno when she waged a court battle over his final resting place.

She fought and lost a six-month court battle for the right to bury Mr. Otieno.


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