Will the Diaspora be ready on election day


Your vote may not count in the 2012 Presidential election if you do not notify the Kenya government that you are interested in participating.

According to the Constitution of Kenya, you have the right to vote remotely in the presidential election in Kenya scheduled for August 2012.  In addition, the Kenya government is responsible for ensuring that a mechanism is in place for you to register and exercise you right to vote.

With any new constitution, come various administrative procedures that must be ironed out before your rights can be exercised.  None of the procedures required to ensure that you cast your vote in 2012 are currently in place, however, you can change this by understanding and taking action on what is at stake.


  • The Constitution does not require the Kenya government to ensure that you can vote in the  2012 presidential election
  • The Constitution requires that the Parliament enact legislation to provide for the progressive registration of citizens residing outside Kenya and the progressive realization of their right to vote
  • The term progressive means that the government can take any amount of time to ensure that you realize your right to vote (by 2017 or even 2022)
  • If nothing is done, you will have to travel to Kenya to register to vote and then travel back to exercise your right to vote
  • Matters regarding dual citizenship are still pending in parliament and need to be clarified

Don’t let procedural matters come between you and your right to vote.

Take Action

Join the Kenya Community Advisory Council of Georgia to become a part of the solution by:

  • Liking us on Facebook  (Kenya Diaspora Advisory Council) to take action
  • Visiting www.kdacga.org to read the letters that have been sent to the government bodies
  • Subscribing to the KDACGA email list on the website to staying connected on major issues

Source- http://www.kdacga.org/


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