Zimbabwe Prime Minister quits marriage after 12 days


Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has ended his 12-day marriage with a wealthy Harare businesswoman.

Mr Tsvangirai cited interference by the country’s intelligence service and political rivals as reasons for ending the marriage with Ms Lorcadia Karimatsenga Tembo.

The 59-year-old politician issued a statement Wednesday after days of frantic speculation in the media about the union.

He admitted initiating traditional marriage rites with Ms Tembo last week.

But the PM claimed that he suddenly became a by-stander in the marriage as government and state security agents appeared to be a step ahead of him.

“My genuine intention has been betrayed and hearts have had to search long and hard to the meaning of this well-choreographed drama that has now been hijacked to cause political damage on my person and character,” Mr Tsvangirai said.

“This relationship has been irretrievably damaged to a point where marriage is now inconceivable.

He admitted sending a delegation on November 18 to the 39-year-old Ms Tembo’s home to formalise their relationship.

Initial reports had indicated that he paid $36,000 and 10 head of cattle in bride price and immediately asked for a wedding, probably next month


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