66 Kenyan Nationals being held in UK Prisons



There were 66 Kenyan convicts in UK prisons by the end of last year, the country’s Justice Ministry has said.


According to the Ministry’s official website, 60 of the convicts were men and only six were women.


However, a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice declined a written request to disclose the number of Kenyans who have been convicted in the UK for the last five years.


Mr Ransford Fiti, said that the cost of researching and compiling the information requested exceeded what the government had provided for such a task.


“The appropriate cost limit for central government is set at £600 (about Sh90,0000) which represents the estimated cost of one person spending 3.5 working days in locating, extracting and collating the information being requested, or… determining if the information being requested is held,” Mr Fiti told The Standard in an email.


He said that some of the detailed information is held by the courts on individual case files, which due to their size and complexity were not reported to Justice Statistics Analytical Services.   


In total, UK Prisons had 82,112 foreign nationals with Africans contributing 2,537 offenders.


Africa is ranked second with 2,537 offenders behind Europe, which was in the lead with 4,293 convicts.


Nigerians and Somalis emerged the worst offenders from Africa with 571 and 441 convicts respectively.


East African neighbours Tanzania and Uganda had 20 and 54 convicts respectively. 




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