Eight Kenyans arrested in Comoros


The families of eight Kenyans who are said to have been arrested in Comoros have appealed to the government to assist in negotiating for their release. This comes after the government through Coast Provincial police officer Aggrey  Adoli reported that the eight had already been released and were on their way back to the country.


The eight detainees included six police officers and two seamen. They were arrested in Comoros territorial waters as they allegedly escorted a foreign vessel that was transporting an oil exploration equipment.
 The families, which have been awaiting news of their loved ones’ after authorities informed them of their release claim that the owner of the ship is not co-operating to secure the release of the people arrested.Seafarer’s assistant programme coordinator Andrew Mwangura questioned the circumstances under which Kenyan police officers were allowed to escort a ship past the Kenyan exclusive economic zone. Meanwhile, the eight are said to be still in the custody of Comoran authorities, despite the police assurance that they had been released and were expected before court today to answer to charges of trespassing.






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