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A Kenyan named Inspirational Woman of The Month

Winnie Ojanga is not just fabulous fashion designer. But she is also a mother, a wife, a mentor, a motivator and happy go lucky person. The Swiss-based Kenyan Award-winning fashion designer opened up to us about her passion for fashion. She shared with us her amazing Inspiring journey into the fashion world.

Her fashion label, “Winnie Ojanga’s Creations” is a beautiful label that captures femininity, elegance, class and style. Each collection showcases complete fashion forward styles that are easy to wear, timeless, ageless, classy and undoubtedly unique.

“We use exquisite fabrics and luxe embellishments that make every creation piece a fashion statement that is always on trend, individual, sophisticated, sensual, glamorous and elegant”, she says.

IWM: Winnie we are very delighted to interview a creative woman of many hidden talents, filled with positive energy. Starting with your work as a designer where do you draw your inspiration from?

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WINNIE: First and foremost. Thank you very much for those kind words. I get my inspiration from different areas depending on the collection I’m working on, my travels, my life experience. I’m also inspired by fashion from the 20s through to the 60s.

IWM: What skills are required to be a successful fashion designer?

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WINNIE: A number of skills are required to be a successful fashion designer. First of all he/she should be creative and stylish. No fashion designer can get by without proper creativity and style. He/she must also have a sound knowledge of the fashion industry and must also be aware of latest fashion trends and styles. He/she must also have a capability to handle all kinds of work pressures among others.

IWM: What all qualities do you possess as a fashion designer?


WINNIE: I don’t rely on my artistic visions alone to bring success. Instead, I try as much as possible to understand basic principles of marketing and business that can really help me to reach my goals. Quality is very important for us and we pay attention to details. I’m always ready to learn new things and experimenting my ideas.

IWM: What make you motivates you?

WINNIE: I’m extremely self-motivated but I also look up to some amazing people around me who inspire me daily in different areas in my life.

IWM: How can you describe yourself in 4 words?

WINNIE: I love to learn new things, happy, achiever; I try to help people around me

IWM: Tell us about some of your greatest achievements?

WINNIE: Winning the fashion designer of the year 2011 in Berlin Germany which was hosted by African women in Europe. That motivated me to keep on going and also humbled me allot because it was a clear sign that my work was being appreciated not only in Switzerland but other parts too.

IWM: Tell us about being a working mother?

WINNIE: It not easy being a working mother and taking care of house hold. One needs to be well organized and disciplined. I mostly work around my kids programs. That works for me very well.

IWM: What are some of the challenges you have faced?


WINNIE: Well, there are many different challenges in the industry. For new designers the most challenging part of setting up your own fashion brand is the ability to be able to multitask — you are your own personal assistant, public relations guru, accountant and producer all at the same time. My other challenge was juggling my role as a mother and trying to break into the fashion world. I am glad I managed to strike a balance because I am happy with where I am so far.
Another challenge for any designer is marketing and putting up a collection without losing the spark of creativity as a designer.
IWM: How do you stay positive in increasingly unhealthy world?
WINNIE: By surrounding myself with positive minded people and doing things that I love doing. That fills me with allot of positive energy to keep on moving.
IWM: How does it feel to be considered an inspirational woman? Who, or what inspires you?
WINNIE: Well, I have never looked at myself that way. But I must say I’m humbled. I admire those who are always patient, calm and positive minded. I also admire those who have the courage to get out of their comfort zone and try to achieve something. Even in a small way.
IWM: Any positive advice you would give to our readers?
Only those who keep their eye fixed on the far horizon will find their right road. Keep on walking on your path step by step with focus, hard work, patience and determination and never give up on your dreams.











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