EXCLUSIVE: Shocking details from Esther Arunga on Timberlake Wealth, Finger of God, Devil Worship, Forced Marriage

EXCLUSIVE: Shocking details from Esther Arunga on Timberlake Wealth, Finger of God, Devil Worship, Forced Marriage: These are Esther Arunga’s own words. She wrote to us from Sydney Australia.

Drama: Joseph Hellon Refutes Claims by Esther Timberlake That He is GayMuch has been said about us since we decided to play a cartel of “rained-on” lions. Little did the gutters knew we played foolish by remaining silent. My husband advised me against my rage at “The Star” tabloid paper. He asked me to play as cool as the King of the Jungle who has been rained on, and eat grass for the time being while the prey was scarce. These proverbial words made sense. He told me to stay away until the day the alarm bell rang. He has now promised to come out of his den and unleash tornadoes that no Kenyan has ever seen in the media industry.

He warned of a “gutter press catastrophe” since Kenya is a country with a constitution in place but which is never governed by it. We can see this with Kenyan MPs trampling over High Court decisions and defying CJ’s rulings on sensitive issues. He has now warned that he will press the impunity socket on the gutter press. I will begin with “The Star” and especially the “Word Is” page. It must come out and reveal to Kenyans the truth behind its information source if it wants Kenyans to continue trusting it.

The paper carelessly went out accusing me of being mentally insane. We got a letter and medical certificate from 2 senior medical practitioners from the Agha Khan University Hospital and Mathari Mental Hospital which found me completely sane and with no LSD agents in my body. I have now filed a medical petition against them for having the courage to insult my wellbeing in Kenya. That particular story I shall discuss later on its own with doctors’ evidence after this article.

They went ahead insulting my husband as being a financially stricken. We are not proud and dislike airing our secrets but we have to confirm a few things here. My husband has about AUD 12,000,000 worth of properties and has numerous financial contributions coming in from well-wishers. We have a house now on mortgage payments and shall complete payment in 2014. We have been paying for the past 10 years with our double efforts and at one time it threatened us with bankruptcy.


People still think and question my husband’s wealthy connection with Freemasonry. It is true that most of his wealth that was at one point frozen by the State was gotten from the Secret society’s relations, but he has since abandoned the club. So whatever he stashed up abroad is clean and was never to see Kenyan light as some of our wealth were frozen by the CID in 2010 under the excuse that it originated from a cult organisation. My husband has enough wealth to fully finance my election campaigns. He has nothing to hide. Many have questioned the source of his wealth with some publications quoting connections with a secret society.


These are lies. We can account here for every coin that we have and our wealth declaration forms are available for scrutiny.Good luck if that is going to prove to you how we got our wealth. My husband can show how he legally acquired every property that the government impounded in 2010, and businesses we own today. We dare anyone with contrary information to take him to court since he is no longer afraid of threats by government agents.


He told the NSIS that he will avail the complete report on his campaign money soon. He owned billions of shillings in property while still a member of a secret society across Africa including El Brega in Libya. The continuous arrests and massive impounding of his wealth in 2010 shook us a little, because we could not continue to import money as everything was under government scrutiny. The massive plot (hundreds of acres) in Kamagambo Central is what he is sharing between him and his first cousin Charles of the Independent Electoral and Borders Commission. They grow sugar cane and corn. The plots are in Kanga, K’Odiaga and Marera. Others are in Kokuro near Ranen.


In 2010, he had a tussle with the local council of Rongo over the plots and a decision to try and change the river’s course for agricultural purposes. We make money out of placing those vast fields on hire. They’ve been hired by a wealthy Australian businessmen with annual remittances to our accounts. He also has several business connections with ANC Youth President Julius Malema. He also has business connections with an Emirati powerful empire’s sons.

Finger of God
I must now clear this Finger of God (FOG) matter once and for all. Please Kenyans, let’s just rest this issue for good. I hope this is the last I have to talk about this.
You must know one thing for sure; FOG is a Limited Liability Company. It’s a registered society and not a registered church.
That is the warning our magistrate gave us during our last court attendance so I don’t know about someone trying to preach on an LLC. Moreover the State stood its ground that FOG was a company, not a church. I wonder why the State has never arrested a pastor connected to this church for ordering followers to burn Kenya’s flag to dust!!
My husband and I have never been registered under the membership register of FOG. I went to Runda to rent an SQ. I was paying rent and the name caught up with me since people were worshiping there. The house also hosted a music school, something NCC must investigate. Women were lashed at that church for refusing to get involved in “holy sex” with the pastor. A program called WATTA was created to further mislead followers on relationship counselling. Followers were being taught to believe that they had breast and cervical cancer. The pastor would then get into females’ bedrooms and tell them he talked to god. ‘Angels” would tell him to touch females’ breasts to heal cancer. If he talked to angels about cervical cancer, then he’d come to “heal” females’ cancer in their bedrooms. One day he tried to approach me on that issue, I had to slap him and run away from that house. I ended up at the Tribe Hotel. All our salaries were going to the “contribution” for WATTA, only to find out later that the pastor was busy using the money to buy himself posh cars and live large at Runda. He tried to convince my husband to sleep with “a lady” to give birth since he was impotent. He tried to bring a church couples swinging program where couples would exchange spouses at a church club rendezvous. We later found out Runda was never his home, it belonged to a Mr Wainaina based in Upper Hill/Community.
I later found out that bets were being placed over me by the church’s top brass. The so-called Malaba sh** gave the pastor 200,000 shillings for my hand in marriage. I found out that he was merely a ploy, sent by a cabinet minister who gave him the money. It is no wonder the minister used his docket to almost wipe out my loving husband from the face of earth! What Kenyans are failing to understand is that we begun dating back in 2001 and tried thrice to marry but it was not possible as parents were always a stumbling block from day 1.
I wondered how from nowhere Malaba sh** appeared at my parents home in Kileleshwa. What for? I asked. Kenyans must remember the April 2010 edition of Drum magazine. The man confirmed that he was not in to love ME for marriage but for other reasons. What angered me most was one day I took his phone to use since mine was charging, By mistake, he showed me text messages from Zahra Moi (Gideon Moi’s wife) and from one of the top principals. This took me by surprise. The message read that they were to assassinate Quincy and confuse me into Nairobi Club where they’ll wed me forcefully and remain mum over it.
I was later to be flown to Norway for a forceful honey moon. I was later to be named a Charge d’Affaires to a diplomatic mission in France since am a French speaker. I was promised a radio/TV station, Maserati, house in Karen and a business channel in Paris. But I asked myself lots of questions. When I said NO, all hell broke loose. CIDs were sent like raving bees with AK 47 rifles to launch an attack on us at Runda.
They arrived with 11 police dogs, narcotics squad, anti-bomb unit and NSIS. The Director of Special Crimes asked for 2 people only, “where is Esther and Quincy?”, he continued.. “these are orders are from above but not the President and not the 2 DPMs. When he carried his right hand up, he clamped on my husband with boots and brought a chair to sit on him for almost 2 hours. He was suffocating. They took him away that night and I was taken to Muthaiga station. All the time they were asking me in swahili, “Esther, ni mkubwa gani ambaye una urafiki naye serikalini?”,I told them no one. “basi kuna waziri ambaye anamsulubisha Quincy na ansaidiwa na mkubwa mwingine wa juu zaidi nchini lakini usijali.” he told me. People should be wary of that so-called pastor. Which pastor worships on Sunday and performs live concerts at the weekends dressed weirdly in alcohol and prostitution clubs? The guy never works and loads his wife with heavy jobs.
Kenyans should also know that the plots their home is built on belongs to my husband’s grandfather and they were offered free. If he jokes, it will be repossessed back. My husband’s name is on the will signed by his late grandfather.






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