UPDATE:Kenyan Man Hit and Killed by a Semi-Truck in North Carolina


A bank account has been provided for those who would like to assist with their contributions towards the funeral arrangements for Adrian Njuguna who was killed in North Carolina after being hit by a truck.

The details are as follows:

Bank Name: Bank Of America
Acct no#: 237026364616
AccountName: Miriam Njuguna

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


A Kenyan man has died in Raleigh, North Carolina after being hit by semi-truck in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

Adrian Kinyanjui Njuguna, who was working for a courier company was on one of his routes when he approached a T-Junction which was clogged with cars at a standstill.

Kinyanjui stepped out and enquired from the driver ahead of him as to why the cars were not moving. He was told that there was a stalled car that was blocking the road.

Kinyanjui asked the driver if they could go over to the car and assist the stalled driver. When they got to the car, they found out that the driver was drunk and asleep on the wheel.

At the same time, a semi-truck was approaching the scene oblivious of what was going on. The truck driver noticed the stalled car and tried to swerve but did not see Kinyanjui and the other drivers who were trying to stay clear of the oncoming truck.

The tail of the swerving truck struck Kinyanjui and killed him at the scene.

Adrian was a devout christian, a father to 6 yr old Hayden Njuguna, and a brother to John Njuguna of Raleigh North Carolina.

Friends of the family ask for your prayers and financial assistance to send the body to Kenya.

Any information on a bank account where you can deposit your donations will be updated on this page shortly.

Adrian’s vibrant energy will be missed by those who knew him, joked with him, and those that he touched.

We pray for his eternal life with Christ.

Prayer meetings are ongoing:

Friday 13, 2012 – Sacred Heart Cathedral, St. Monica Hall, 219 West Edenton Street, Raleigh, 27603. Time from 6pm.

Sat 14th, 2012 – TBA

Sunday 15th, 2012 – Our lady of Luourdes …address 2718 Overbrook Drive / Raleigh, North Carolina 27608. From 7:45pm est

Monday 16th, 2012 – Njuguna’s residence :… Address 2603 Dwight Place Raleigh, NC 27545 6:00pm est – 10:00pm est

For more information and for your condolences please contact:

Tony Nguru- 919-757-1818
Jessie Njogu – 919-949-1387

Simon Gitau – 919-889-1823










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