Fidel Odinga’s haters told off

A local blog, Kenya Daily Post, that is known for its sleazy political and entertainment gossip has been told off over two damning stories it posted this week.


In a story posted on Monday, the Internet site insinuated that Prime Minister’s son Fidel Odinga and his wife Lwam Bekelle were experiencing marital woes before making a similar pronouncement over the affairs of former Government Spokesman Dr Alfred Mutua.

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Scores of Fidel’s friends called Pulse admonishing the authors of the story as it emerged that the piece could have been malicious and untrue.


They accused the site, which is now under legal scrutiny, for what was viewed as an effort to taint Fidel’s image.
The move is said to be a political ploy. In July this year, the site posted yet another damning piece touching on the Prime Minister’s family.

When Pulse reached out to Fidel, the rather calm and collected guy said he didn’t want to be drawn into the issue.

“Fidel is happy with his wife Lwam Bekelle. He is our boy and we know those Internet stories are just fabricated,” Shaffie Weru told Pulse on Tuesday

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