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The Kenya book of records was completed in 2007 with the aim of celebrating and recognizing
unique & superlative achievements by Kenyans, largely focusing on pioneers & record holders. The
1st ever Kenya book of records is due for an update, first because new records (& even pioneerships)
have been set, and also because we were unable to include unverified information in 2007.

For the 2012 edition, we intend to be as inclusive as possible and hence our quest to involve your
association in correctly capturing your story. Basically, we seek to establish the following:

Pioneers – The 10 first Kenyans to visit,stay or live in the US and/or UK.

Number of Kenyans in each country plus their highest concentrations i.e. State/city with
most Kenyans.

Main profession taken up by Kenyans in the Diaspora.

Unique achievements by Kenyans in the diaspora i.e. inventors,politicians,Large
businesses,scholars,what have you.

5.How much income generated by Kenyans in the diaspora.As accurate as possible.

6.Diaspora magazines and links.We would like to make people aware of the Kenyan diaspora.

Subjective records – Some records are not objective and can be based on peer or public
opinion. For this, we intend to call two kinds of verifiers; one made up of the general public, and one
made up of peers in the discipline in question.

We are working with various organs of the government to establish a national recognition
mechanism for records, under the ‘‘Mashujaa’’ umbrella and hence our desire to come up with a
consensual method.

We are available for further discussion at your convenience. Call or email chris @ 0726924730 or

Your co-operation is appreciated.

Best Regards,

Francis Wachira,

Chief Record Hunter,

Kenya book of records.



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